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Sterling Ends 2014 Greatest Year Ever...2015 Will Be Even Better!

January 1, 2015

We made it our $3,599.99 goal by the December 31st deadline last night and more.

A total of $4,599.99 was raised thanks to 34 donors.

Thank you to those of you who gave a generous contribution to our end-of-year push.

Thanks to committed supporters like you liberal Govenor Terry McAuliffe has his hands
up and is saying: You Win This Round, Sterling Americans.

Photo with hands up.

These funds were a tremendous boost to our year-end totals, I have no doubt the Governor and his leftist band will be eating crow when they see our numbers.

Thanks again for your continued generosity and support for a conservative Board of Supervisors.

God bless you and yours,

- Eugene


2014 was a historic year for Sterling, and from the very beginning it was your support that made it possible!

Sterling has generated headlines coast to coast (partial list).

Governor McDonnell Announces Agreement in Sterling

Republican McDonnell came to Sterling to announce new giant park for Loudoun.

John Whitebeck Won GOP Senate Contest in Sterling

John is now slated to become GOP Virginia State Chairman.

Friend of Sterling Senator Richard Black Becomes "Majority" leader

In one of the most important decisions for the GOP in Virginia,
Black decides to stay in Senate, days later events put him
in majority

I hosted and promoted a dozen community events including budget briefings, bond proposals, Fireworks, pony rides, Sterlingfest, Teen Job Fair, craft fairs, graduations, and Veterans ceremonies.

FIVE FOX TV NEWS VIDEO John Henrehan Reports on Delgaudio Court Victories

Several lawsuits dismissed by federal and state courts, county subsequently
reimburses me for court costs from frivilous wasteful legal harrassment.


The board places on the ballot a complete new revamping of downtown Sterling
including a new Safety center for the Fire and Rescue volunteers, new expanded
library, and renovations for a new community center.

Voters approve that countywide in November.

150 Attend Delgaudio Victory Crusade Party
100 Attend Delgaudio community meeting later just before the election.

There are dozens of other major events this year getting national publicity like Sterling's Ryan Sill repeated nationwide support from millions of Americans on The Voice and Sterling being rated 4th most exciting place in the state of Virginia, etc. etc.

This year's massive success was all made possible due to your critical help. Thank you for being there and making these projects successful.

Being your Sterling Supervisor is not a picnic.

There are attacks on me personally all the time, and the hatred turns to threats and shouted abuse without a moment's notice.

But knowing you are out there, praying for me and supporting me -- gives me all the strength to fight on.

Our ability to fight and win these battles with such impossible odds lined against us is nothing short of a miracle.

I continue to pray for God's blessing every day and for your continued support.

Tears sometime come with gratitude as I remember many of you as you wave, stand with me, never waiver or refrain from just plain expressions of support.

May we all receive his blessing for ending this year and taking on the new challenges in 2015.

Happy New Year to you and your Family.

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