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July 17, 2014

In the past 12 months, the Board of Supervisors and Chairman York worked to fund important Sterling projects as proposed by Sterling Supervisor Delgaudio. Board members also promised to continue to work with Supervisor Delgaudio to provide Board and Loudoun attention to provide critical policy and services to Sterling.


This is a partial but significant list of projects being approved and budgeted for the Sterling district. These public works projects cover a range of issues and impact every Sterling and Loudoun resident.

Sterling District Newsletter sent out - $6,000

The Board approved in October the mailing of a newsletter to every district resident publicizing Sterlingfest and the Knights of Columbus parade and other community events which are vital to the Sterling community and produced by Supervisor Delgaudio.

Missing Sidewalk Segments funding - $260,000

The board approved $260,000 in excess funds from the sale of the Sterling Annex on a motion from Supervisor Delgaudio for the current budget and has approved or is considering various segments of missing sidewalks in Sterling for construction, including: Greenthorne, Church Road, Holly Avenue, Sugarland Road, and Woodson Road. (Source: various BOS actions).

Turn lane funding - $300,000

Chairman York's office proposed a Sterling Boulevard/Poplar Road Turnlane Extension: On April 2, 2014, the Board approved funding for this project. VDOT staff has invoiced the County and a check is being prepared. VDOT staff indicates the project will be scheduled for construction this summer.

Hot Spot Rt. 28 Entrance Ramp and Lane - $500,000

Chairman York, as a member of the Route 28 Tax District, proposed Route 28 Hot Spot Improvements at Sterling Blvd, which the Board voted to approve. Additional funding for construction was approved by NVTA. When funds are distributed, VDOT will prepare documents and contract with Shirley Contracting to begin work on the adding of another lane to make the Sterling Boulevard entrance ramp longer and safer.

Sterling Blvd. Sidewalk Grant - $100,000

Sterling Boulevard Sidewalk - Transportation Enhancement Project: VDOT reports this funding was obtained by the Sterling Foundation to construct a sidewalk on East Holly Avenue between Sterling Boulevard and North Fillmore Street. Anne Geiger from the Sterling Foundation is preparing the design. When the conceptual design is completed, VDOT will develop the cost estimate and handle preparation of the amended NEPA document. Anne Geiger will prepare a schedule. The grant is for $100,000. The Board approved general sidewalk funds for the Sterling area in the CIP from the sale of County property in the vicinity of Costco.

Source: VDOT Meeting Minutes, June 2014

Sterling Fire/Rescue Center, Community Center and Library part of the $55,167,000 for November ballot referendum

The Board has placed a bond referendum on the November ballot to include multiple projects in Sterling. These include: acquisition of fire and rescue apparatus for Sterling Park Rescue Squad and Sterling Volunteer Fire Department; acquire land for Sterling Park Rescue Squad and Sterling Volunteer Fire Department's replacement station and to design, construct and equip that replacement station; relocate, renovate, expand and equip Sterling Library; and renovate and equip the Sterling Community Center. The amount included for each of these projects is:

" Sterling Park Rescue Squad and Sterling Volunteer Fire Department Replacement Station $14,430,000
" Sterling Community Center Renovation $15,502,000 ($6,085,000 on ballot)
" Sterling Library $4,850,000
(Source: FSGO Committee Report to BOS for July 2nd , 2014 meeting)

Other Accomplishments of Board of Supervisors For Sterling District

In January of 2014 Supervisor Delgaudio was nominated by Chairman York and approved by the Board to serve on the Transportation and Land Use Committee. Since his election, he has attended all meetings of the Committee including special meetings, work sessions, rezoning discussions and regulatory discussions impacting Sterling and Loudoun.

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