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  1. This is the Web site of Friends of Eugene Delgaudio, a Virginia political committee.
  2. E-mails from Eugene Delgaudio are sent from this Web site, at his or his political committee's expense, not using any governmental facilities.
  3. E-mails from Eugene Delgaudio are not sent from him in his capacity as a Loudon County Supervisor for Sterling District unless they expressly so state.
  4. Unless an e-mail from Eugene Delgaudio is identified as coming from Eugene Delgaudio, Supervisor, it is a personal or political e-mail should not be considered public business.
  5. In sending e-mails to Eugene Delgaudio, if you want your e-mail to be considered a "public record," which may be disclosable to anyone who asks, please indicate you are sending your e-mail to "Eugene Delgaudio, as Supervisor."