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Friend of Sterling Senator Richard Black withdraws from Congressional Race to Preserve Balance of Power in State Senate

January 24, 2014
"Our nation and Virginia are at a critical juncture," Black said. "I seriously considered running for the 10th Congressional seat, however, after meeting with the Republican Caucus in Richmond, it is imperative that I remain in the senate where I am needed to maintain our 20/20 split."

"I had hoped that John Whitbeck would win the 33rd Senate race. He was was terrific candidate---smart, decent, honest, likable, and hard-working. He is the kind of man our children could look up to. I am proud of our friendship and look forward to working with John in years to come," Black said.

"John's loss leaves the Virignia Senate in a precarious 10-10 split, with the Lieutenant Governor as a tie-breaker. Because of that, I am no longer able to leave the 13th District Senate Seat. Too much is at risk for Virginia, and I must not trigger another costly senate race by stepping down from my seat at this time."

Despite having endorsements from many key elected officials and party activists, Senator Black said he took into consideration how vacating his senate seat at this critical juncture would disrupt the fragile balance of power that now exists in Richmond.

"For the first time in years, the Democrats control The Governor's mansion, the Lt. Governor's seat, and the Attorney General's office," Black said. "Now, more than ever, we need strong, conservative voices in the senate to protect the Commonwealth from the Democrat's left wing agenda, and to prevent the expansion of Medicaid from going forward."

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