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Eugene Delgaudio Asks YOU to vote for John Whitbeck For Senator

January 18, 2014

Early Voting ends at 5 p.m. Today

If you want to vote absentee for the special election on Tuesday
for John Whitbeck for State Senator, please go the Leesburg
office and vote before five p.m. today Saturday. That is the only
location for early voting.

John Whitbeck For Senator

John Whitbeck is on the ballot Tuesday for State Senator as the
Republican. There are two liberal opponents who have voted or supported
GIGANTIC tax increases. Now that there is a liberal Governor who is 100%
for more spending and higher taxes and new regulations, you and I really
need a conservative to represent Sterling.

Please vote for John Whitbeck at your regular polling place. These are
your regular polling places in Sterling:

701 -Sully -- Sully Elementary School 300 Circle Drive
702 - Park View -- Park View High School 400 W. Laurel Avenue
703 - Rolling Ridge -- Rolling Ridge Elementary School 500 E. Frederick Drive
705 - Forest Grove -- Forest Grove Elementary School 46245 Forest Ridge Drive
707 - Claude Moore Park -- Claude Moore Recreation Center 46105 Loudoun Park Lane
708 - Seneca -- Seneca Ridge Middle School 98 Seneca Ridge Drive
709 - Mirror Ridge -- Sugarland Elementary School 65 Sugarland Run Drive
710 - Sterling -- Sterling Middle School 201 W. Holly Avenue


"It is outrageous that a Democratic party candidate, in her TV ads,
compares Tea Party conservatives to thugs and rapists in her
multi-million dollar ad campaign to buy a State Senate Seat.
Even more outrageous is the new revelation that this candidate protected
four accused rapists at trial,
said Eugene Delgaudio, of Sterling District.

Senator Black Condemns Democrat Wexton For Letting Rapists Out

The case involving Samuel Flores, who was alleged to have beaten and raped
a woman four times in the course of a day is particularly disturbing.
Wexton dropped this case down to a single count of misdemeanor sexual
battery and released Flores for time served (less than two months).
I am appalled by Jennifer Wexton's failure as a prosecutor.
Please read the full account below. (at the link)

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