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Most Amazing Sterling News In History. Thank you and Thank God!

July 14, 2014

Most Amazing Sterling News In History.

Dear Sterling American,

It is stunning and exciting about being vindicated.

Like when the Washington Post admits they are wrong about me.
Here's the link here in case you missed it.

Washington Post: Sterling's Indestructible Eugene Delgaudio Wins Again

Today the most stunning and humbling announcement ever in the history of Sterling
has been made.


National Recognition: Sterling Hailed as Shining City on a hill, just like I have always said!

You get this Sterling American and know there is lots to celebrate about Sterling all the time.

Plays, Girl and Boy Youth Sports of every kind, Teen Job Fairs, Food Banking, Boy Scouts, Sterlingfest, Playgrounds being built, trees being planted, sidewalks being built, intersections and interchanges being built, Fireworks, new Sheriff's station, renovations and improvements and park paths, PARADES and churches and Christmas decorations and more.

I have promoted over 2,000 such activities taking up 50,000 pages on my website for years.

So now a national website looked at us and 45 other places in Virginia and graded Sterling on a set of criteria (parks, outdoor activities, special restaurants, young people age 18 to 34 etc.) and rated Sterling the 4th most exciting place in Virginia.

I want to thank you all who work so hard making sure Sterling is the place to be. The list of players includes men and women who have gone to their Heavenly reward as they came before you and me or were here to stand with us when we needed them. The list of people to thank includes every parent, mom and dad, and families that fill the fields and the schools and the streets. And all the volunteers and public safety (fire, rescue and sheriff's deputies) who make us safe. And a special thanks to the school staff, teachers and all the churches, places of worship, and their congregations and all the social action groups like Ruritans, Rotary, Knights, Elks, Sparc, Optimists, Lions, Sterling foundation and so many more. This is a cast of thousands really.

Most of you have done something to make Sterling better. Most of you get little recognition and do not seek the recognition I am giving you here.


You made Sterling what it is today. We have come a long way and there's still progress to be made. We will make it together. All of us.

Take a moment now to accept the grattitude of a community that is what Ronald Reagan called " A Shining City on A Hill" our Sterling, the 4th most exciting place in Virginia.

And Thank God with me that we have gotten to this moment in our history.

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