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Washington Post: Sterling's Indestructible Eugene Delgaudio Wins Again

June 27, 2014

The citizens of Loudoun County who feel embarrassed or ashamed by the antics of elected Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), particularly with his virulently anti-gay group Public Advocate, had to be heartened when an outside prosecutor - a Democrat, a Chicagoan, a highly experienced commonwealth's attorney with no ties to Loudoun - was brought in to take a fresh look at the allegations of malfeasance in his office. Arlington Commonwealth's Attorney Theo Stamos would get to the bottom of this, either through a criminal grand jury or civil proceedings to eject him from office.

And she did get to the bottom of it. Both with the grand jury and then on her own, she investigated every angle and deposed every key player. Then on Tuesday, she issued a 22-page motion with 75 pages of exhibits, and she completely exonerated Delgaudio of any possible grounds for removal from office. Her motion and exhibits are below, and they are absolutely worth reading. Caitlin Gibson's news story on the end of the recall effort is here. The failed effort will likely result in the county taxpayers being forced to pay Delgaudio's legal fees, which his lawyer estimated will be up to $40,000.

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