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National Recognition: Sterling Hailed as Shining City on a hill, just like I have always said!

July 13, 2014

Movoto Blog, a national real estate blog, has named Sterling "4th most exciting place in Virginia"

Using a straightforward mathimatical equation that simply gives a point or grade for each yes (if positive) or no (if negative) Sterling is only behind Charlottsville, Alexandria and Arlington as being the "most exciting" in Virginia.


This place may feel like a bit of an anomaly on our list, but let us assure you, there is excitement to be found here. Simply by the numbers, this city had the second best music venues per capita ranking as well as the third best nightlife and active life per capita rankings. Most of the other scores were around the top 10 as well.

Past all the math and stats, this place still has a whole lot to offer. With eateries like Mokomandy, golf courses, hiking trails, and more, there's always something to do no matter what kind of person you are. It just goes to show that exciting things can come in small packages.


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