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Sterling Family Reaches Goal......Playmakers Treasure Island Today and Tomorrow.....Delgaudio votes NO on tax increase

April 5, 2014

Look for the Sterling Rescue mailer and please respond!

Sterling Playmakers present Treasure Island

Saturday April 5 at 8 p.m.and Sunday April 6 at 2 p.m.
Sterling Playmakers $15 per ticket at Sterling Middle School

Simms Family Meets Goal

$25,622 raised by 378 people in 10 days. The Simms family had their house burn
down and many of you in Sterling and around the Washington Community responded.

Thank you all for your generosity in donating $25,622.

Delgaudio Votes No on Increasing Taxes

Thank you to the board for funding astro turf at Park View HS after 30 years, for budgeting the $600,000 in pathways in the Claude Moore Park and $264,000 for a sidewalk along Holly Avenue by Sterling Middle School.

I proposed many reductions or voted no on many budget increases none of which were adopted. I proposed to eliminate $264,000 to the Metro Washington Council of Governments in Washington, $$413,000 for the Horticulture Program position in Lo. co. goverment $353,000 for the Round Hill indoor Aquatics Facility while Sterling residents have to pay 100% of its $500,000 in operating costs for its giant pool and many other motions to reduce spending.

Due to no reduction being adopted and no other supervisor proposing additional cuts, I believe there was too much over spending. In addition Sterling's assessments increassed 15% and more and the same tax rate would cost Sterling residents a lot more. So I voted against the 1.155 rate and budget.

Statement from County On Raising Amount of Taxes You pay
The "rate" is the same 1.155 per $100 but the amount you pay will increase.

Teen Job Fair
Volunteers needed

The 6th Annual Sterling Teen Job Fair will be held Saturday, May 3rd, 2014, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the Claude Moore Recreation Center, 46105 Loudoun Park Lane in Sterling.

The Rec Center is located in the park off of Cascades Parkway about a half mile north of Church Road in Sterling.

Crime Report

Scammers In Sterling

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is advising the Sterling community of three recent scams targeting residents in the area.

Several area law enforcement agencies are working cases where a caller identifies himself as Lieutenant Gary Fields and claims to be from the resident's local police department.

Rich Liberal Scammers Pay To Reverse Elections
$10 Million To Overturn pro-traditional marriage majority

Rich liberals write checks daily to reverse the elections

in Sterling. This group of rich liberals will write checks to overturn the people's will.

Sterling must remain united against those who hate democracy and overturning your right to vote.

Other Events

Shooting on Sugarland Run Drive-- No Danger to Sterling

Margate Court, Sterling, Discharge of Gun In Home Misses Neighbor

On March 28 on Margate Court in Sterling: Gunfire/Reckless Handling of a Firearm (Update): Gabriel Gonzalez Reyes, 24, of Sterling was charged on April 2nd with reckless handling of a firearm after it was determined he unintentionally discharged a firearm that struck a nearby home and entered the residence. He was released on a summons. The charge stems from a March 28th incident where a resident heard a loud noise in the upstairs of their residence. They discovered their shower door was damaged and a discharged round from a firearm was located.

Other News

Forensic Expert: Former Delgaudio Employee Made 107 Phone Calls in 2.5 Hours

DEFEAT FOR SPLC: Federal Judge Dismisses Claim by Leftist SPLC lawyers Against Delgaudio: "The Court has upheld Public Advocate's First Amendment Right "

Daily Caller, Washington Post, Times Mirror, More

Judge upholds Eugene Delgaudio's First Amendment right to use photo in political mailers

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