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Sterling Americans Arise. Help a Devoted Conservative Against A Liberal Assault Now.

March 22, 2015

Our Conservative values are under attack and our conservative leader is under attack.

If you value a longtime, unrecognized, leader who stands for our principles of
you will immediately consider joining me in supporting Eric Noble over liberal
Michael Chapman in the Republican nomination contest for Sheriff today.

Here is the link to the Republican Delegate form here:

Only citizens who fill out the form and promise to vote Republican can help conservative Eric Noble against his challenger, liberal Michael Chapman.

Please print it out and fill out Name, Address, and one phone number. Sign it and date it.
Then mail it to the address on the form if you can. Better, call me at 703-421-4599, my home number and I will come and pick it up. The deadline is 7 days from now, March 29.


Or just hit reply and tell me your address to pick it up (Post it to the door please).

Eric Noble just told me this:

"Our current sheriff's law enforcement background is at the federal level and his inexperience in local law enforcement has resulted in mismanagement and less safety for Loudoun County residents."

(As you may have seen or heard in the news and on the nightly TV news, Loudoun has a DUI problem, past, present and future?)

Noble says "(Mike Chapman's) mismanagement extends to DUI enforcement, .... Loudoun County under Sheriff Chapman doesn't put an emphasis on patrolling our neighborhoods. Instead the sheriff prefers to take deputies off the street and assign them to showy "task forces." As a result we trail other counties in getting drunk drivers off the road, which is a basic safety measure for citizens."


Here's what I want you to consider: For 3 years this Sheriff has been required to attend mandatory monthly budget meetings with our Finance Chairman since he needed a multi-million dollar bail out after his first year in office. This budget cycle this Sheriff asks for $2 million more. See the waste I outline and attempt to cut here at this link:

There are many wasteful projects in the Sheriff's office in my opinion.
This is just a partial transcript of three motions to reduce spending dealing with the Sheriff's office.

There was the wasteful request for new uniforms for every deputy ($300,000 mistake), the gigantic Sheriff's station in Western Loudoun which needed to be scaled back by millions, the request for sergeants and cooks for crooks and more.

Here is the link to the form here:The deadline is 7 days from now, March 29.


Eric Noble is having a party and asked me to invite you. The party is this Friday, March 27. Sterling's heros and long time defenders Greg Stone, Com. Atty. Jim Plowman, Major Rick Frey(retired) are hosting.

The party is in Hamilton at the home of Mike and Kristen Kalina at 16961 Heather Knolls Place, Hamilton. Call Gerry Gunn at 703-887 0725 to RSVP now. Thank you.

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