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Tuba Christmas Success! Sterling Holiday Displays Awards Announced

December 23, 2014

Tonight: Tuba Christmas on East Juniper just up from Church Road.

From the Sterling Park Neighborhood Exchange:


Tuba Christmas began as a Christmas music event for low brass instruments (primarily tuba and euphonium). Groups come together to perform Christmas music arranged just for their instruments. Park View HS students have been participating in them for a while. In recent years, they have been gathering on Juniper St (Avenue) in Sterling to perform the music.

Why Juniper? Well, as many of you know, many homeowners on Juniper St. have been decorating their houses for many years now with lights and displays for the holidays and there is often a collection box for canned food for local food banks. The PV students started gathering there for a Tuba Christmas performance because a former student lived in one of those houses. It's fun to go out and stroll (or drive) up and down the street and hear some awesome local talent

Sterling Park Neighborhood Exchange Announces Winners
of Holiday Decorations.

The SPNE has announced the winners of their Holiday Decoration Contest:


And the WINNERS of the First Sterling Park Holiday Decoration Contest:
1st Place for ELEGANT: 109 Briarwood (Classic white lights & garland)
1st Place for WONDER FILLED: 506 N Adler (Has that Wow factor!)
1st Place for UNIQUE: 500 S Garfield (Gazillion Blowups)
1st Place for CREATIVE: 262 E Juniper (Grinch stealing Christmas)
Because we had extra prizes, we awarded second places.:
2nd Place for ELEGANT: 1606 Madison Ct (Lots to discover)
2nd Place for WONDER FILLED: 1705 N Sterling Blvd (Disney themed)
2nd Place for UNIQUE: 111 W Church Rd (Live Santa & lots to see)
2nd Place for CREATIVE: 408 Tamarack Rd (Gingerbread house)



Old photo from years ago:

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