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Sterling Bond Passes, Mrs. Comstock Goes to Washington, Ed Gets recount for Senator

November 5, 2014

Yesterday I met over 1,000 of the nearly 8,000 Sterling voters who
voted. Thank you for the wonderful expressions of common purpose we share.

A few thousand votes separates Ed Gillespie and Sterling's new Congressman
is Mrs. Comstock who we elected to the 10th District Seat.

As I reported to you, Sterling was a battleground the liberal Democrat
Senator Mark Warner ignored our needs and only came here at the last minute.

And Mrs. Comstock planted American flags here to show her interest in our
community. She was elected overwhelmingly and Sterling played a critical role
in her election. There will be a recount for the U.S. Senate Seat

Go to this link and look under "federal" for "Sterling" and your precinct

This is the link to the Senate Race

Sterling, Virginia Turns Entire Senate Over

Yes, you did it. By working hard and keeping "Senator" Warner busy and finally
responding to Sterling, the rest of the country could concentrate on turning
the entire Senate back to the Republicans. Congratulations to Sterling.


The amendment to grant a tax exemption for surviving spouses who lose their husband or wife
in service to our country passed 8 to 1 in Sterling and Virginia.


The Sterling Bonds for a new fire and rescue station, renovated community center and new library passed in Sterling and Loudoun overwhelmingly. The bond for the ES and MS and new (unnecessary) Science Academy passed also.

Go to this link and look under "Questions" for "Sterling" and your precinct to see the vote.

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