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Sterling Gets 900 Stormwater Projects at $7 Million, Outreach on Pollution Planned

August 24, 2014

Since 2003 when the county adopted a pro-active stormwater program to address requirements from the state and national stormwater regulations in force at the time, the county has managed 900 projects costing $7 million with projects as small as $80,000 in the Cardinal Glen Home Owners Association common area to a massive $500,000 project on the grounds of the Sterling Park Golf and Swim Country Club grounds.

"That first project took a lot of cooperation from the directors of the Sterling Park Golf and Swim Club many years ago and if that first agreement had not been worked out, the county's stormwater management program in Sterling and Loudoun would have a different history, " says Eugene Delgaudio, Sterling Supervisor.

"I began work on these county drainage projects in my first term and I have seen hundreds of projects from beginning to end all over Sterling during my four terms. It took support from four entire boards of supervisors and this current board has continued this support," says Eugene Delgaudio, supervisor for Sterling District.

It impacts Sterling the most but Eastern Loudoun in particular as the number of drainage issues is a surburban issue that was ignored for many years and the county decided the changing standards would be financed in the non-HOA (non-Homeowner Association areas) with taxpayer funds.

A plan for the county has been posted that will discusses in part the future planning of the stormwater program for the rest of the county. And it involves a whole lot of new rules.

Construction of these hundreds of stormwater facilities in Sterling and the Sterling area and throughout Loudoun are just one of the top priorities of new regulations imposed on the county and its residents.

" Public education and outreach on stormwater impacts" (from the county report) and various pollution control methods are being called for and are the subject of this comment period which ends September 19.

Comments Sought on Stormwater Management Public Education and Outreach Plan

Loudoun County citizens are invited to review and comment on the county's newly developed Public Education and Outreach Plan for the county's Stormwater Management Program administered by the Department of General Services. The plan is available online at

The education and outreach plan outlines a process for communicating with people working and living in Loudoun County that will support the county's objective of achieving improved water quality through reduced stormwater pollution.

Comments about the plan will be accepted through Friday, September 19, 2014, and can be emailed to [email protected] or called in on the Stormwater Hotline at 703-777-0117


The Department of General Services maintains a Speakers' Bureau to provide sources knowledgeable about county stormwater issues for public gatherings such as Homeowners' Association meetings.

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