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News: "Exoneration Continues", Judge Awards Delgaudio $35,000+ , Pulitizer Prize Nominee Condemns News Coverage

July 27, 2014

Copy of Final Order Awarding $35,623.35 In Legal Fees To Delgaudio

Previously Released Statement with copies of Motions

Headline at Conservative News

Judge rules county must pay $35K for Delgaudio legal fee

Exoneration continues! Loudoun County must pay $35,000 in attorney fees relating to the failed recall effort against county Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling).The Hon. Paul Sheridan, a retired Arlington County judge, made the ruling in Leesburg Friday afternoon.

WTOP HEADLINE Taxpayers on the hook for politician's legal fees

A month after County Circuit Judge Paul Sheridan dismissed the recall petition of county Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio,.........., county taxpayers have to pay roughly $30,000 in legal fees, the amount it cost for Delgaudio's defense fund...........So why are taxpayers on the hook? Virginia law says the money for the reimbursement should come from where the politician served.

Liberal Loudoun Times Mirror Headline

Judge rules county must pay $35K for Delgaudio legal fees

"Speaking from the bench, Sheridan noted the fee requested from Delgaudio's attorney, Charles King, seemed low. The judge implied King likely could have billed the county a greater amount.

The roughly $35,000, Sheridan said, was a "modest" and "reasonable" request from King."

Liberal Leesburg Today

Delgaudio Wins Reimbursement Of Legal Fees in Recall Effort

"Circuit Court Judge Paul Sheridan granted the motion by Delgaudio's attorney Charles L. King to be reimbursed for $35,628.64 in billed time and costs incurred while defending the embattled supervisor in the recall case initiated by a petition......."


Nationally Renowed Journalist, Columnist and Author Condemns "slanted news coverage" of frivilous and harmful attacks on Delgaudio

Breaking: At 11:40 AM Sunday, July 27, 2014, George Archibald, released a statement condemning the harmful and "unprofessional" reporting of a news organization against Eugene Delgaudio.

Archibald is a career senior investigative reporter, and a four-time Pulitzer Prize nominee.


"Why can't we get a straight news story from this (Leesburg Today) site about the court victory of Delegate Delgaudio's attorney?

This highly editorialized lead and report is disgraceful, with no byline so we know its author. Leesburg Today has slanted its coverage on the Delgaudio story and pushed it in a negative way all along.

This is very harmful to public trust, and as a career news professional who got his start at LCHS under Loudoun Raider faculty advisor Helen Niman in 1960-62, I deplore this biased tainted reporting. Wish we still had The Loudoun Times-Mirror whose honesty was a valued tradition." unquote

More on longtime author Geoge Archibald:

Fifty years experience as news reporter, editor, and general manager of college, military, community, statewide, and national newspapers; published book author; four-time Pulitzer Prize nominee for investigative journalism; senior public policy and appropriations/budget staff positions for the U.S. Congress (1973-76) and President Ronald Reagan's administration (1981-82}


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