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July 17, 2014

The Loudoun County Republican Committee issued this statement:

LCRC Congratulates Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio
as the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors votes 8-1
to reinstate funding for his constituent office operations.

The LCRC is pleased to announce that last night, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted 8-1 to fully reinstate Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio's funding for the Sterling District. The Board had removed it during an investigation into allegations against Delgaudio that ultimately proved to be spurious. The LCRC, who sent a resolution to the board in 2013 asking for the the reinstitution of Sterling's funds pending the resolution of the investigation, is excited to see that funding finally returned, so that Supervisor Delgaudio can return to serving the people of Sterling, as he has done so effectively to date.

Supervisor Delgaudio's funding reinstatement follows close on the heels of the dismissal of a recall case brought against him. A judge dismissed the recall case on the recommendation of Arlington Commonwealth's Attorney Theo Stamos -- a Democrat -- who concluded after a five month grand jury investigation that there was a lack of clear and convincing evidence to prove Delgaudio had misused his office and county resources.

"The petitioners have tried to achieve through this misbegotten removal process what they could not achieve at the ballot box -- namely the political defeat of Mr. Delgaudio," Stamos wrote in her dismissal motion. "The Commonwealth cannot rely on conjecture, speculation, suspicions, and assumptions to support the extraordinary statutory procedure."

The LCRC commends the Board of Supervisors for responsibly carrying out justice by returning to Supervisor Delgaudio and Sterling citizens the funding they deserve.


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