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Charles King Attorney for Delgaudio: "This case ended because there is no evidence"

June 24, 2014


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Commenting on the dismissal of the removal petition filed against Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, Charles L. King, Delgaudio's attorney said:

"The two year snipe hunt for Eugene Delgaudio is over."

"Before the bloggers chime in, everybody should know this case ended because there was no evidence."
"There was no evidence because Donna Mateer lied."

"Donna Mateer perjured herself before the Special Grand Jury and in her deposition."

"In 2012, she lied to Chairman York and the Washington Post."
"Why would she lie? She got bad advice."

"Donna Mateer made two serious allegations. One, as a County employee she did nothing but make calls to set up fundraising appointments between January 3 and March 2, 2012. Two, Hannah Scoggins, a Public Advocate employee, ran Supervisor Delgaudio's office in the county building."

The Phone Calls

"County phone records show few calls were made through the county phone system to names on the Igor list."

"A forensic analysis between August 1, 2011, and March 2, 2012, showed there were one hundred and sixteen calls, with a total duration of two hours and seventeen minutes, made from Supervisor Delgaudio's office and the Board conference room, the two government locations from which Ms. Mateer said Igor list calls were made. The time frame analyzed coincided with her employment with the county."

"Ms. Mateer didn't even make all of the calls from the Igor list. She was one of two employees making calls."
"The physical evidence doesn't support her claims."

Public Advocate Supervision of Supervisor Delgaudio's County Office

"Donna Mateer never met Hannah Scoggins, spoke to her on the phone, saw her in the county building or took any instructions from her."

Undermining the Special Grand Jury

"Donna Mateer's lies undermined the Special Grand Jury's investigation and report. I hope she has remorse for wasting a lot of folks' time and taxpayer money."

The Process

"The Sterling Citizens and their counsel have complained bitterly about Ms. Stamos' conduct of this case."

"The Virginia Supreme Court sent in one of the state's best trial judges who basically ordered one of the state's most capable prosecutors into the case. The Sterling activists refused to cooperate with her and their lawyers tried three times to get her taken off the case."

"Stevens Miller and John Flannery spent more time trying to remove Theo Stamos from the case than remove Eugene Delgaudio from office."

"After two years, a Special Grand Jury, a civil suit and the expenditure of several hundred thousand taxpayer dollars, this matter needs to be over."

"It's a shame some folks can't accept the truth."


Press Release from Charles L. King, attorney for Supervisor Delgaudio commenting on the Dismissal

Pleading in support of Motion to Dismiss granted Judge Sheridan written by Theo Stamos, prosecutor and joined in court as in agreement by Charles King

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