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CONSERVATIVES CHEERED, LIBERALS PROTEST, Senator Richard Black Saves Billions for Taxpayers, Again

June 13, 2014


FRIDAY JUNE 13, 2014


For three months, the Democrat-controlled Virginia Senate failed to pass a budget, jeopardizing our schools, local governments, etc. Even after a billion dollar shortfall was uncovered, the Democrats continued delaying action. As we inched closer to the July 1st deadline, we faced the first government shutdown in Virginia's history.

On Monday, the logjam broke, when a long-time Democratic Senator resigned, shifting control of the Virginia Senate to the Republicans. Republicans reacted swiftly, immediately calling lawmakers back to Richmond to tackle the looming budget crisis.

The Bull Elephant web site wrote, "With Senator Black taking the lead, Virginia Republican legislators last night scored a great win in stopping the expansion of Medicaid. This was a win for grassroots conservatives across the state, who mobilized on Sen. Black's call to take advantage of a new Republican majority in theSenate."

"This well deserved victory followed ten hours of backroom wrangling yesterday, and countless hours of research and writing at The Bull Elephant over the last many months. This victory produced amendments passed by a unanimous Senate GOP caucus. This victory has the effect of reversing the enablement of Medicaid expansion included in last year's budget."

Conservative Republicans in the Senate showed great determination, as last night's battle raged on past midnight. Senator Black's amendment stripped out language that gave the Governor explicit authority to expand Medicaid. This closed the door to expanding this massive welfare program without lawmakers being held accountable to the voters. I wanted a transparent vote on this issue and we fought hard for this victory.

Democrats delayed the budget for three months. Once Republicans took control, they passed the budget in a single day, and it now awaits the Governor's signature. Unless the Governor vetoes this budget, there will be no government shutdown and no Medicaid Expansion.

Most Virginians oppose the expansion of Medicaid. Adding 400,000 new people to the welfare rolls, who are not in poverty, is simply a step closer to government-run healthcare. If you want to know what that might look like, you need to look no further than to the VA scandal. As the only Vietnam veteran with a Purple Heart in the General Assembly, it is particularly disturbing to watch the government try to "fix" the VA Hospital decade after decade with no success. It is disgraceful that veterans have to wait eight months for a doctor's appointment. If the government can't give our veterans decent healthcare, imagine the horror when we move 300 million Americans on to this broken system!

This issue is too important to kick the can down the road or to some committee to decide. I was sent to Richmond to lead, not to pass the buck. I fought ten hours and late into the night to try to turn the tide of Obamacare. Because of the activism of The Bull Elephant's Steve Albertson, a reenergized grassroots effort, and some stalwart lawmakers, the will of the people was heard loud and clear.

I want to personally thank all of you who contacted me in support, and who spoke up and contacted your representatives. Without the support of the people we may not have gotten this positive outcome.


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