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America Needs A Relentless and Tireless Fighter for the Constitution, For the Taxpayer and the Unborn. Bob Marshall Is a Humble Giant

April 25, 2014

Dear Sterling American,

You don't vote for a winner. Otherwise I would not be your elected Sterling District supervisor. You
vote for the candidate that will fight for you.

That guy or gal who fights for you has to have a heart and mental capacity to get back in the ring even
if they are beaten daily. You want someone who has that drive to stand for your beliefs no matter
the poltical winds and the media attacks.

That candidate Saturday April 26 in the tenth district Congressional primary is Bob Marshall. He's got
the old time conservative wing of the party behind him with those old time values.

I have worked with Bob Marshall for decades. His backers include Bob Dornan, Larry Pratt, Phyllis Schlafly,
and Senator Richard Black. 40 years ago, I ran the largest phone bank at the time to assist Schlafly in
a New York referendum and we won.

The odds are against Bob Marshall and he is just as stubborn as ever. He trusts you to make a decision and he knows some of you want a "more moderate candidate ".

Moderates are nice to work with. Some of my best friends are moderates. But when the early dawn light comes over the edge of the Sterling ridge, and I face adversity, it is the average Sterling American that stands with me and I see no "moderates" around.

After the smoke clears Saturday I believe most of the candidates with fewer votes will endorse the winner of the Congressional nomination "battle". That's how things are around here.

In the meantime, please make your own decision about it and go and vote.

There is nothing wrong with a bunch of good candidates for an open seat having a contest when they get together after the contest.

If you thought six candidates to choose from is confusing, there's more.

You can only vote at one place and it is not in Sterling Saturday.

Here below is the place for Sterling District to vote 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.: Other Loudoun are for other districts as indicated.


Here is the place for Sterling District to vote: Other Loudoun are for other districts as indicated.

Stone Bridge High School, 43100 Hay Rd, Ashburn, VA 20147 for registered voters in the following precincts:

Directions: Note this is Ashburn and here's how to get to Ashburn.

Drive west toward Leesburg On Route 7 about 8 miles to Belmont Ridge Road make a left (the Xerox National Conference Center is on the right). Drive about 2 miles to Hay Road make a left Stone Bridge HS is on your left about 1/2 mile on Hay Road.

Best time to vote: 12 noon to 2 p.m. (presumably the beginning and end are the mob scenes).

You are the Sterling Magisterial District: 701-Sully, 702-Park View, 703-Rolling Ridge, 705-Forest Grove, 707-Claude Moore Park, 708-Seneca, 709-Mirror Ridge, 710-Sterling

Other districts voting at Stone Bridge HS

Algonkian Magisterial District, Ashburn Magisterial District, Parts of Broad Run Magisterial District (welcome to you all)

Other locations and districts in Loudoun (could be thousands of you).

Harmony Intermediate School, 38174 West Colonial Highway, Hamilton, VA 20158 for registered voters in the following precincts: Parts of Blue Ridge Magisterial District,Catoctin Magisterial District and Leesburg Magisterial District.

Freedom High School, 25450 Riding Center Drive, Chantilly, VA 20152 for registered voters in the following precincts:
Parts of Blue Ridge Magisterial District, Parts of Broad Run Magisterial District, Dulles Magisterial District

Regaring voting location and all the many other details please spend at least an hour reading the many details here at this link

More details on voting

The 10th Congressional District of the Republican Party of Virginia has announced the locations of the Firehouse Primary (Party Canvass) that will be held on Saturday, April 26th. The polls will be open from 10 am until 3 pm, and please remember that a valid, non-expired, government issued PHOTO ID is required to vote! Please also note that absentee voting is not permitted.

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