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Good Friday Betrayal..... Lawless Governor Terry McAuliffe Giving 350,000 Convicted Felons Right To Vote

April 19, 2014

The conservative Washington Times reports Friday

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced policy changes Friday that will make it easier for violent felons and drug offenders to regain their voting rights. And he has already pardoned 800 in past 3 months-- granting them the immediate right to vote.

The waiting period for violent felons to apply for restoration of rights has been reduced to three years from five, the governor said. He also has removed drug offenses from the list of violent crimes that are subject to the waiting period. Virginians convicted of felony drug crimes will now be considered nonviolent offenders, allowing them to regain their rights immediately after completing their prison time and paying any court-imposed costs.

Also, the secretary of the commonwealth will compile a list clarifying which offenses require a waiting period before an offender can apply to regain the rights to vote, to hold political office and to serve on a jury.

Eugene Delgaudio, Sterling District Supervisor said

"Insanity and lawlessness reigns at the Virginia Capitol. Pray for the various public officials, delegates and Senators who have to attempt to work with this Governor now that 350,000 felons are loose in Virginia."

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The liberal Huff Post says:

Virginians who have been convicted of violent felonies have to wait at least five years after getting out of prison before they can apply to regain the right to vote. But that's about to change, thanks to a decision announced by Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) on Friday morning.

McAuliffe will reduce the mandatory waiting period to three years, he said. And he'll end the state's long-standing practice of classifying drug crimes as violent felonies, allowing people who have been convicted of nonviolent drug offenses to regain their voting rights immediately after they've finished serving their time.

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