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Virginia GOP hijacked by Liberal Pro-illegal alien Staff? Pat Mullins Is Still State Chairman As Far as I know.

April 17, 2014

The current Executive Director has repeatedly stated in written articles and in public statements that those who want a limit on the invasion of illegal aliens in Sterling and Virginia and America are considered bigots by him.

These repeated and posted and on the record interviews are in archives, blog posts, TV News interviews for years. The minute he has a meeting with illegal allien protesters in the RPV offices demanding access, the newly appointed Executive director opens the door and lets them in.

Understandably, his long record of nasty attacks on genuine conservatives comes out and is considered by most senior commentators a fair and accurate portrayal of the wrong guy in charge of the "conservative" Republican Party of Virginia.

A large circulation conservative news organization,The Daily Caller, headline: GOP official says his party's full of bigots!

"Finesse? Not Since Jefferson Dined Alone : A man named Shaun Kenney was recently named Executive Director of the Virginia Republican party. Here is a post of his from the blog, Bearing Drift. In it he argues that "Conservatives have a moral duty to drive out nativism once and for all." It becomes clear by the end of the post that when he says "nativist" he's including more or less everyone in the party who opposes "comprehensive immigration reform." "

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Another large circulation conservative online newsite, Western Journalism, reports

GOP Leader: Yup, My Party's Full Of Racists!

The Republican Establishment's (GOPe) deliberate war against its natural base raises the question of why the GOPe is so bent on self-immolation. Everyone concerned knows a GOPe incited civil war is coming in the Republican Party. It's now a sad foregone conclusion.

Recently, we saw the GOPe's Fort Sumter moment in a barely coherent stream of consciousness attack on conservatives from Shaun Kenney, the newly appointed Executive Director of the Virginia Republican Party.

.................His demonization of those who would protect our borders and fight against amnesty as "nativists" is a direct attack that TEA party movement patriots in Virginia and elsewhere will not ignore.........


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