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Delgaudio Snow Plow Audit--VDOT Removes Snow From Most of Sterling

February 13, 2014

I am back from inspecting roads in Sterling.

I found some roads that were not plowed and reported them.

Many of them were plowed within the hour I reported them.

If you see any unplowed streets in the Sterling Area plaase let me
know at 703-421-4599 or email me at [email protected].
Thank you.

280 streets I observed today and tonight 280 streets were plowed at
least one car length with secondary roads 2 lanes both ways.

Every major road was plowed to the pavement.

YOU and I together reported 20 streets that were not plowed.
Thank you.

That's about 95 per cent success rate for VDOT.

Remember it is snowing today and again tonight.

Crews are working through the night. Right now.

I saw over 50 heavy, medium and light trucks working in teams
of one, two and three vehicles together. There were some heavy
duty bulldozers in the public streets around the central Sterling

Be careful driving around and give these workers some courtesy.

I can not get everywhere and ask again: are there any missed
streets that VDOT did not plow?

I know some of the streets can be missed due to various reasons.
The VDOT workers are extremely dedicated and it is amazing how
much they have accomplished today.

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