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Senator Dick Black Salutes Bob Marshall Run For Congress!

February 13, 2014


Delegate Bob Marshall Enters
10th Congressional Race
22 Years of Conservative Experience

Delegate Bob Marshall announced, "I believe I have a record that has served Virginians well, the ability to win in November, and the fortitude to make a difference in Washington in the years to come."

Marshall has won 12 general elections to the Virginia General Assembly from Prince William and Loudoun Counties and has fought for the people of Virginia, the Constitution, and our freedom. In 22 years of service, Marshall hasn't voted for a single tax increase.

Bob Marshall successfully sued Democrat Tim Kaine in 2007, which blocked 14 unconstitutional taxes from crushing Virginia taxpayers. He authored the Health Care Freedom Act to challenge Obamacare, wrote the Partial Birth Abortion Ban and the One-Man, One-Woman Constitutional Amendment, which was overwhelmingly ratified by Virginians at the polls in 2006.

Delegate Marshall has represented about one-third of the current 10th Congressional District at one time or another (Loudoun and Prince William). Most recently, he won a district that went for President Obama by a margin of 11.4%. He has a proven track record of winning elections in tough districts against well-funded opponents.

"I know that our rights come from the hand of our Creator, that government receives its power from the people through their elected representatives, the purpose of government is to protect these rights, and government leaders must be servants, not masters." Marshall said.

Every two years, voters send Washington establishment candidates to Washington and then wonder why things don't seem to change. Delegate Marshall gives voters an opportunity to send someone with a great deal of legislative experience and 22 years of proven conservative advocacy.

The Republican "Firehouse Primary" will be held on Saturday, April 26, with ten polling locations throughout the 10th Congressional District, locations to be announced later.

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