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Whitbeck 38%, Concedes, Calls To Congratulate Senator elect Wexton, 53%

January 21, 2014

Battling Snow, wind and storms, and low voter turn out John Whitbeck did not
win today's special election today Tuesday Jan. 21, 2014.

Sterling District did a fantastic job with turnout as high as 19 per cent of the total
enrollment. But it was not enough.

Thank you to everyone who got out and voted today.

Here are the total numbers.

Earlier tonight after enough votes came in, John Whitbeck announced to a large
campaign crowd that he had called to congratulate Jenifer Wexton on her victory.

Jennifer Wexton 11,427 53 %
John Whitbeck 8,128 38 %
Joe May 2,119 9%

This is a link to the vote totals for the Virginia State Senate race including
all localities.


Wexton 8174
Whitbeck 6437
May 1710

This is the link to Loudoun only portion of the 33rd Senate District

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