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January 19, 2014

Northern Virginia Tax Increase Notice
and Fraud Alert

$6 Billion in New State Taxes

This is to notify you that a Serial Tax Increaser is on the ballot
this Tuesday, and his name is Joe May.

You vote for former liberal Delegate Joe May and you get another
big increase in State Taxes.

Joe May is in the race as an public assist to the Democratic party nominee also
on the ballot. There are two candidates opposing John Whitbeck is the Republican nominee.

(Joe May did not vote to stop the funding of Planned Parenthood, stop an attack
on traditional marriage, voted for a anti-traditional marriage Judge, and publicly
supported the placement of pro-pornography sign in Loudoun, but I am not writing
about that today).

I am writing only about former Delegate Joe May telling you and your neighbors
that he is a "tax cutter" and then immediatly flips and raises your taxes.

Delegate Joe May did this to his own previous Delegate district and please note that
none of his literature refers to his "Delegate" status in promoting massive tax
increases. Six billion dollars is federal style spending in Viringia on your

So much fraud and tax increase in such published materials.

Last year's $6 billion tax hike raised our taxes by $6 BILLION to fund four pet

And Joe May, candidate for Senator, voted YES for it. Yet he claims in dozens of
mailings to Sterling Americans that he is a "tax cutting conservative".

INCREASE for the average taxpayer*

Just a few of the new taxes that "former Delegate Joe May" who never lived in this district.

(Delegate Randy Minchew has introduced an ethics bill to outlaw a loophole allowing Joe May

to drive though)


· residential grantors tax if you sell your home - you pay $750

· purchase of a new vehicle - you pay $220

· 500 gallons diesel fuel - you pay $44

· 1000 gallons of gas (2015) - you pay $210

· personal property tax (boats, camper, RVs) - you pay $200

· general sales tax - you pay $200

INCREASE PER YEAR (average household) $1,624

Sterling or Loudoun gets very little of this tax increase.
Sterling gets a small per centage of these state taxes.

This is where most 91 per cent of the new six billion dollar tax increase goes to as
a result of former Delegate Joe May voting for it and leading it through the Assembly:

1.) $1.4 Billion for a 55 mile toll road parallel to existing Rt. 460 (Suffolk to Prince George Counties, not
in Sterling)

2.) $1.3 Billion to finish and four- lane Rt. 58, a road that carries only 7,900 cars daily (not in Sterling)

3.) $2.8 billion for the "Coalfields Expressway" in rural Southwest Virginia (four hours from here).

This information is based in large part from real conservative Delegate-elect David LaRock
who produced it in his race defeating Joe May when he ran for re-election.

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