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It is cold in Sterling but people have warm hearts. Hotter tommorow with possible DENSITY PACKING

January 7, 2014

Its been a cold day in Sterling, but the people have warm hearts.

It is warming up tomorrow.


Increasing clouds, with a high near 28. Calm wind becoming southwest around 5 mph.

John Whitbeck says Cold Or Snow He is Working for Senate.

"We really need your help to make this Saturday as successful as possible. We will be doing two shifts, 9am-noon and 1pm-4pm. We will have donuts and coffee in the morning and lunch in the afternoon. "

Please RSVP to [email protected] as to what shifts you want to work and whether you want to work out of Sterling.

***Delgaudio against density packing in Sterling

Posted October 5 2013 : " I have never supported high dwelling unit density without restrictions or some compensating offset or significant proffer to the community." says Eugene Delgaudio.

And I am not for this proposal IN STERLING as long as residential housing is part of the proposal. I have told the applicant. It is a public process with the public invited to participate."

Details of Proposal and Staff recommendation of denial:
20 Residential Units Per Acre--253 Units Planned In Sterling
at "Cascades Overlook" Next to Costco and Potomac Run By Route 7

(editorial note: there have been changes for the better and this application comes up at a Public Hearing on January 8 in Leesburg, the Planning Commission has recommended approval but the county staff still maintains its opposition.)

What's In The Pipeline: Supervisors Prepare For Development's Next Wave
(Delgaudio is against density packing in Sterling) (Leesburg today online article)

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