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"Your Support Results in 4th (2011) Election Victory"-- Eugene Delgaudio

January 28, 2014

Originally posted November 15, 2011, reposted due to Al Navarez's announcement to run again for election in 2015 for a rematch.

All of our signs were replaced at least once with some locations being replaced a dozen times. Lies were told about a dozen topics which were the opposite positions of our campaign. Even historic accomplishments for Sterling were reversed, misrepresented or falsified. The turning point was election day with obstruction and intimidation tactics directed at every voter at several locations and the authorities were summoned. Our message was pure and consistent, Sterling is united and will not be shaken from its path onward and upward. Thank you for standing firm and hearing my plea for Sterling's future.

The results are final now. I won re-election to a fourth term with 51 per cent of the voting winning every one of the 9 precincts of the new Sterling District.

Thank you all for the help, encouragement, prayers, donations, support, putting signs on your roof-tops, standing up to union intimidation and confrontation at our polling places, ignorning the many lies, libels, misrepresentations and hurtful propaganda, and many other --numerous-- sacrifices, just to re-elect me as your Sterling Supervisor.

Thank you to my wife Sheila, my children, my campaign staff and my Supervisor staff, (Donny, Lauren, Rachel, Donna, Jerry, Michael, Jon, Peter, Rinn, Boris, Thomas, Hannah, Helena, Margi and many more), all my volunteers, interns and all my suppliers of food (Santini's, Chic Fil A, Joes ) and printing (various and Consolidated Mailing).

Many other people worked diligently for six months and I wish I could list you all here now.

Thank you to the voters who decided one by one to return me to another 4 year term.

Returns are in from voting today at the polling places in Sterling

Delgaudio 2673
Navarez 1960
Shahriari 458
Write ins 12
Total 5,293
Blank Vote 189

With Absentee vote, total final numbers:

Delgaudio 2835 51%
Nevarez 2005 36%
Shahriari 470 9 %
Total 5571 cast including blank and write-in ballots.

All the supervisors running as Republicans won. 9 of the 9 supervisors will be Republican.
Scott York will be joined by 8 Republican supervisors.

Mike Chapman won election as Sheriff. He is a former Drug Enforcement Agency official who will bring high tech experience and 20 years of up to date training on fighting drug pushers and other violent criminals.

Dick Black won election to the Senate. Patricia Phillips did not win. Tom Rust Joe May Tag Greason Bob Marshall Randy Minchew David Ramadan Barbara Comstock Jim LeMunyon were all elected or re-elected as Delegates.

To ALL Election Day Intimidators: No Thank You.

To the person and persons who paid an intimidators to defraud my constituents. No Thank You.

The Republican Chairman Michael Monrroy, quipped "Go Back to San Francisco" to one intimidator.

The deputies explained that disrupters can NOT stalk, confront, shout and block my volunteers and voters at the polling places.

The deputies explained that disrupters can NOT stop me from talking to my consituents.

The deputies explained they will arrest disrupters for intimidation and interferance in my civil rights as a citizen to engage in the free speech forum of a democratic election in a free nation if anyone attempts to interfere with me, as a candidate.

And some members of the Democratic Party staff and their friends who blogged, laughed or posted internet messages about this injustice: you showed your true colors and you have been rejected.

Thankfully, most partisans in every Party or side of an issue who either wanted my defeat or victory were genuinely upset by these reports of an imposter. They were decent to understand this was wrong and I thank you all for your appreciation or expressions of fairness and decency.

Sterling Americans made many complaints to authorities about these terrible verbal and physical assaults. This is still a scar on our peace of mind.

I have always said any of my opponents, in this and previous elections, are fit to serve. I have always and consistently said they, collectively, could win and serve as Supervisor as is the right of the people to elect them.

The polling place should not be a place for loud confrontation and disruption and other kinds of provacation. It is a time for accountability, servitude and humility. A time to answer questions, to promote a candidate or cause but certainly not a time to tear down, verbally assault with shouting and lies about candidates.

That is where I have always conducted my campaigns. And in every previous election I have said "My declared opponent is qualified to serve as Supervisor" publicly and repeatedly.

It has been one of my sentiments to accept-- in advance-- the decision of the voters even if I do not win election or re-election. To openly incite, provoke and otherwise discourage or obstruct citizens as they walk to cast their ballots in this fashion is the lowest form of fraud and political assault conducted. It should not be done in Sterling, or in America.

And these wrongful actions were also clearly a failure by any measurement.

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