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Route 28 public meeting

November 12, 2004

At the request of Supervisor Delgaudio, a meeting will
be held on November 17, 2004 at 6:30 p.m. at the
Sterling Middle School, to discuss the newly proposed
Route 28/Sterling Bouelvard interchange. This meeting
will allow interested businesses and citizens an
opportunity to see the design.

The Route 28 Project is well underway. The Route
28/606 interchange was recently opened and the Route
28/625 interchange is under construction and should be
completed in the Fall of 2005. The PPTA, VDOT and
County staff are now in the process of designing the
Route 28/Sterling Boulevard interchange. The
interchange concept design is compatible with the
existing and proposed development (with one design
adjustment) in the vicinity of the interchange and
allows for future expansion.

There are unique design challenges presented with this
interchange because of its location between two nearby
larger interchanges (Route 28/Route 625 and Route
28/Route 606). The Sterling Boulevard interchange, as
currently proposed, is a modified cloverleaf design
with northwest and northeast loops and the design
provides for a southwest loop if needed in the future.

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