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Good Shepherd Working During the Season

November 15, 2004

Please take a moment and say something prayerful for Beth Miller, the
publisher of the Loudoun Easterner newspaper who raised a family, ran a
newspaper that always boosted Sterling and, as a longtime board member,
helped to build the Loudoun Healthcare system. Loudoun's #1 newspaperlady
passed away this past Saturday. She is missed by many.

>>>Good Shepherd Working During the Season

With Thanksgiving on the way, here's a short quote from 'We Can Act as
Champions'a Commentary By Mark Gunderman, Vice Chair Good Shepherd Alliance

"Loudoun County people are driven by a common desire: to improve the
communities where we live and work by forming lasting volunteer
partnerships with local organizations. Through a commitment to service
excellence we touch the lives of many people and make a difference." To
read the rest, go to

>>> WEDNESDAY, NOV. 17, 2004

At the request of Supervisor Delgaudio, a meeting will be held on November
17, 2004 at 6:30 p.m. at the
Sterling Middle School, to discuss the newly proposed
Route 28/Sterling Bouelvard interchange. This meeting will allow
interested businesses and citizens an opportunity to see the design.

The Route 28 Project is well underway. The Route
28/606 interchange was recently opened and the Route
28/625 interchange is under construction and should be completed in the
Fall of 2005. The PPTA, VDOT and
County staff are now in the process of designing the
Route 28/Sterling Boulevard interchange. The
interchange concept design is compatible with the
existing and proposed development (with one design
adjustment) in the vicinity of the interchange and
allows for future expansion.

There are unique design challenges presented with this interchange because
of its location between two nearby larger interchanges (Route 28/Route 625
and Route 28/Route 606). The Sterling Boulevard interchange, as currently
proposed, is a modified cloverleaf design with northwest and northeast
loops and the design provides for a southwest loop if needed in the future.

>>>>>The latest on the Holly/Church intersection Traffic Light

Negotiations have been discontinued for placing a light on private property
at that location. VDot engineers are attempting to design a single arm
traffic light in the available right of way.

VDOT found that they could not get the drilling equipment under the utility
wires to drill a conventional foundation. They are exploring
the possibility of installing a "spread footer" instead and whether the
pole has to be up-sized to provide future signal modifications. If it
doesn't need to be up-sized, we were advised that adequate Right of Way exists.

Up-sizing would require a small amount of Right of way . I have been told
we will learn more on Dec 1st.
That's The latest on the Holly/Church intersection Traffic Light

>>>VDOT Says It is Ready for SNOW

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is prepared and ready to
battle snow and ice this winter season, with a budget of $85 million for
snow removal operations across the state, including $24.7 million in
northern Virginia.

VDOT's general standard for snow removal is to plow interstate highways and
major primary and secondary routes first. Those roads are generally plowed
within 12 to 18 hours after the storm stops, depending on the severity of
the storm. Crews try to make at least one pass over lower priority routes,
including subdivision streets, within 48 hours after the storm stops.

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