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November 27, 2004

>>>15 Early Christmas "Gifts" for You (below)

>>>LINK BIG SUCCESS Thank you to those of you who contributed to feed the hungry or did something to help make this holiday better for those less fortunate. LINK's next volunteer opportunity (or donation opportunity)is Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 13, 14 and 15 between the hours of 9am to 12nn and 7 to 9:30 p.m. and Saturday 7:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Christ the Redeemer Church.

LINK is collecting canned food and toys those days. And your $1,000, $500 or whatever you can afford can make a difference (if that is okay with the W. Post and S. Kurtz who object to some of my public solicitations see below). Visit for more information.

Please see LINK article by LTM Business Editor George Gill.


On Monday, November 29, join me in celebrating the installation of a new traffic light in Sterling.

This is a very important development for you and me. This particular intersection is very bad and now has been improved greatly due to hard work and some follow through.

Please join me for the dedication of the new traffic signal at the intersection of Potomac Run Shopping Plaza (opposite Benedict Drive) and Bartholemew Fair Drive this Monday, November 29th from 1:30 to 2:00 p.m.

This intersection is at the Potomac Run Shopping Center which is opposite Northern Virginia Community College. There is a Gas Station and Wendy Hamburger Restaurant on the northwest "corners." Look for my orange hat.

Monday, November 29th, 2004 1:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Intersection of Potomac Run Shopping Plaza and Bartholemew Fair Drive

There will be a short speech and a thank you to the people who contributed to it and some pictures will be taken-- of participants who wish to be part of it.


I had a God-blessed Thanksgiving Day just like I prayed for and asked you to join me in celebrating.

Thank you to some of you for writing back. On "Black" Friday I joined many of you over at the Potomac Run Shopping Center and met with every shop owner or manager to get ready for the Monday Traffic Light Ceremony (more on this later).

>>> NoBody Reads The Post on Thanksgiving, So What?

Over in Western Loudoun: The liberal Washington Post joined liberal Supervisor Sally Kurtz in "exposing" that I am critical of liberal policies in Loudoun county government.

You can tell that you and I working together is an impact. They can not stand it.

The liberals have to work overtime to try to split us apart. Don't let them separate you and me with lies and ommissions.

One newspaper, Loudoun Times Mirror, seems to print weekly stories which omit or leave out important elements of my many proposals.

The Loudoun Times Mirror Reports on my attempts to increase library funding, saying that staff publicly mocks my privitatizing initiatives


Visit the same link to see my long letter explaining the full picture of my revenue-generating ideas. Editor Bob Twigg has agreed to publish my comments in the print version also. (Thank you Editor Twigg):

(Delgaudio, partial quote) "Library officials have responded only partially to my suggestions. The majority of board members agree that additional funds can be raised through private funds which was the thrust of my suggestions over several sessions."


Liberals intent on expanding government are angry and upset that I keep producing TONS and TONS of documentation that dozens of programs in Loudoun are either unnecessary, wasteful or can be done better with more resources by privatizing, fundraising or other (many) effeciencies.


Even the Washington Post ran a full page above the fold news story that the public school drivers education programs are a failure. It is not for lack of trying or devotion on the part of teachers. Some programs are failures. The Post reveals there is a study that shows PARENTS are the best drivers ed teachers and that school driver education programs DO NOT WORK.

This is the same kind of academic evidence that I am producing for school, and other public services, in Leesburg that liberals, some in public office and some in the media, are attacking me for. Liberals will never respond to the merits of my evidence. They cry that I use confrontational words or actions. Wow.

Better yet (and even funnier, like "Saturday Night Live" Funny): LIBERALS charge "Delgaudio has a nice demeanor but writes strongly worded letters and uses strong language" ( ISN'T THAT SPECIAL?).

I suppose no one in the news media or elected liberals EVER use strong language or ask for money for their causes. Right. Can I sell you the Woodrow Wilson Bridge?


I have wheeled in ten foot high stacks of materials to the board sessions showing the waste in Loudoun programs in many departments. Now you can see the kind of work that I do to explain some of the wasteful programs. And you can now see for yourself WHY there are some liberals who attack me. If you find out how easy it is to save millions in tax dollars, you will be mad at liberals who lie about it. So these same liberals are running around sqawking about my "tactics" to reporters so that you don't hear the truth.

I have posted 15 of these short papers online at

Please accept them as one of 15 Early Christmas "Gifts" to you (please enjoy them at )

* Summary of the D.A.R.E. Program * American Medical Association: DARE doesn't work * US General Accounting Office: DARE doesn't work * NBC News: DARE doesn't work * DARE Graduates Are Saying 'Yes' to Drugs * More Communities to Drop DARE * Makes No Difference If Kids DARE

Delgaudio offers proposals to boost private parks funding:

* Summary of parks proposals * Fairfax County Parks Foundation, privately raises more than half of all funds Fairfax County parks * Central Park Conservancy, privately raises 85% of the funding for New York City's massive Central Park * Urban Institute: Parks Partnerships

Delgaudio proposes partnerships to expand libraries at no cost to the taxpayer:

* Summary of library proposals * Case Study: Riverside County, CA * Article: Private citizens remaking a public institution * Library Systems & Services, Inc.

And yes, the New Anti-Crowding Codes are still listed online at that home page

Please enjoy these 15 EARLY CHRISTMAS "GIFTS". You have permission to pass them on if you wish. All these posted papers explain why we should eliminate some programs, methods to add revenue for others or show how others are doing it.

And if you have ideas, I am always open to that. In my next email: a former Supervisor and Library Trustee blows the lid off on featherbedding.

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