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November 3, 2004

I am grateful to you for coming out in such record numbers to help Rep. Wolf, President Bush and to vote "no" on the PUBLIC FACILITY PROJECT.

You have made a difference in our Congress, our country and in our county. You have humbled me as your public servant and backed me up in returning qualified representatives and in targeting waste. Thank you for doing that.

You have done me great honor and brought honor to Sterling as well. And you have sent a message. Here are some web sites for voting details. Please read my comments below: "STERLING SETS ANTI-TAX TONE FOR COUNTY" at the end of this email letter.

>>>Kerry Concedes, Bush To speak at 3 p.m. today Republicans gain Seats in Senate and House

>>>Bush Wins, Kerry Concedes!

>>>Results in Loudoun County for President Bush and Congressman Wolf

>>>Results for President in Loudoun County by Precinct

>>>Voter Turn out was 71 per cent in Loudoun County.

Bush Carried Loudoun over Kerry 56% to 44 %. Wolf beat Socas like a drum in Loudoun 64 % to 36%.

In Sterling District, Bush beat Kerry 54% to 46% and Wolf beat Socas 63 % to 37 %


On another front: the \$15 million bond question to sock Sterling Residents with building a Lovettsville Park in downzoned farm country and a Performing Arts Center passed countywide but LOST IN STERLING.

The Local Referendum - Public Facilities Projects - \$15,430,000 passed 58 per cent to 42 per cent countywide but in Sterling, 54 per cent "no" (4,017) to 46 per cent "yes" (3,404)

4 of 5 precincts in Sterling District voted by majority against the boondoggle.


Ironically, Sterling voted NO-- with Middleburg (52 per cent against) and Between the Hills (58 per cent "no"), Aldie (57 percent "no"), Lucketts (51 per cent "no").

This new \$15 million for non-school government monuments to non-essential services was repudiated by an outraged majority who rejected the faulty reasoning of the elitist Western Loudoun mob!

This is a strong signal for Supervisors to stop spending recklessly and if they exhibit leadership, they will be supported by a majority of their consituents.

And in a high turn out election of 71 per cent turnout, I am pleased to say that I am properly representing a MAJORITY of constituents, in both Middleburg and Sterling, in targeting waste and telling my constituents.

This was not easy for me to do and has caused me some personal discomfort. But I would rather be mindful of how high taxes are and how spending relates to those high taxes.

I challenge my fellow supervisors and other elected officials to target waste, resist new spending programs, and tell your constituents about it. Please trust the citizens and heed them. And with Sterling and Middleburg citizens walking together in the sunlight of responsible spending restraint, there will be a new dawn in Loudoun County.

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