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October 14, 2004

>>>Bush Vs. Kerry: Who Won the Debate?

WTOP News radio is conducting a poll online and you need to vote. WTOP is reporting the results hourly and Bush is "behind". So visit and vote:

>>>Flu Scammers Prey on Seniors in Virginia

While your at WTOP, with the flu vaccine in short supply, scammers are preying on senior citizens, and medical distributors are charging outrageous prices for the vaccine they do have. Read the rest of the story at


Thousands of good citizens and their families paraded or were watch in the Knights annual parade. Great time for all of Sterling. I met many of you there. Thanks for having a good old community event. The Sterlingfest, after the parade, was packed with mostly Sterling citizens and was the best attended ever. Hundreds of booths and celebrities.

I might add that a lot of work was done for Sterling and a lot of meetings were set up during the six hours I was there. And 2,000 citizens and young people placed Bush or Wolf stickers on their lapels for the public record. This was 10 to one over Kerry and Wolf's opponent. Thank you all for playing the arcade games or riding the kiddie rides, too.


Sinclair Broadcasting intends to air a documentary on its 62 television stations about John Kerry's anti-war activities following his brief stint in Vietnam titled, "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal." The documentary includes interviews with POWs and their wives who discuss Kerry's 1971 congressional testimony in which Kerry accused his fellow soldiers of committing war crimes.

You don't have to wait to see this 42-minute documentary...or you maybe you don't have cable or live in a city which has a Sinclair affiliate. For \$4.99 you can watch it via pay-per-view right on your computer. Just go to:

>>> Good Shepherd Alliance helping more homeless

Mark Gunderman reports again on the support you and others are giving the homeless. Of course Mark's work, our work, never ends.


Jack Shockey approached a microphone and addressed Supervisor Jim Burton and let fly these words (and more) "For past several weeks, I have heard the statements and emails made by (you) regarding this Board of Supervisors . These comments pertain to how this BOS is "hiding behind the Planning Commission" when it comes to the Comp Plan Amendments that different land owners are proposing , ie CPAMs.

I can only say is that you must be raising this issue because you do not control this Planning Commission. In the past, You used the last Planning Commission because you controlled it 100 percent and you had no problem then-did you!"


While I am on the subject of Jack, and Patricia, Shockey, they are both demanding that people come to their big party this Saturday. I observe that this event may actually assist the fight against the dreaded flu. By attending their CPR picnic, you get exercise, good food and some laughs. All will help fight the flu. Without a medical prescription.

Jack says he will discuss past receipients of awards for defending property rights including the late A. Tim Page, Sterling's previous Planning Commissioner. Former Board Chairlady calls Page "the greatest public official Loudoun County has ever seen."

The CITIZENS FOR PROPERTY RIGHTS invites you and your family to a Fall Country Festival on October 16, 2004 From 2 to 5 in the Afternoon at the Shockey's Farm with 2 tons of the following:

The Menu:Carolina Pit Barbeque Glorious Pig Pickin'Sandwiches (Pork and Beef) BBQ Chicken Quarters Baked Beans Whole Pig Coleslaw and Potato Salad Lemonade and Soft Drinks Homemade Pecan & Apple Pie

Events: 20 Acre Lake for Fishing Panning for "Gold" for Children Pony rides Singing Cowboys Hay Wagon Rides A Country Auction at 3:00 P.M. with fabulous donated items and trips at bargain bids (I witnessed a \$2,000 trip purchased for \$1000! No kidding)

Directions from Leesburg: Follow Route 15 South to Route 50. Turn Left onto Route 50 East. Follow approximately 4 miles. Road turns into four lanes. Slow down and make a U-turn at Arcola Area Headquarters crossover and proceed on Rt. 50 west 1/4 mile. Turn right on Racefield Lane. Then follow signs. 703.327.4300

CPR IS ASKING \$25 per person, \$35 per couple OR \$40 Family

No endorsement of candidates is implied, expected or meant at this non-partisan event and this is not by authority of any candidate for local or federal office.

>>> Tribute to real hero

In closing, let me remind you about a great man who recently was in and now is out of the hospital, Rev. Charlie Grant. Here's what Mark Gunderman wrote

"(Recently)... Pastor Charles Grant received a Resolution of Appreciation award from the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. The award cited and thanked him for longstanding service and commitment to our community." Read the rest at

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