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Sterlingfest Is Here

October 3, 2004

I know we have had hurricanes, tornados and floods here in Sterling. And some have done some great work with relief and other emergency work. Thank you for all of the heroic work. Now comes a local appeal for a place really hit hard.


As you know Haiti was hit hard by hurricane Jeanne and our brothers and sisters need our support. We are asking you to help support our drive to provide for those in need. We are collecting blankets, water purification tablets, hygiene products, canned foods, and financial donations. The next shipment is schedule for 8 October 2004.

If you can help, please have all donations to First Baptist Church of Sterling (located at 21449 Potomac View Road in Sterling) no later than 7 October so that the items may be properly sorted and packed. For more information, please contact Pastor Keith McCullough at 703-430-3322 or http://[email protected].

Please feel free to distribute this request to other people or organizations. God Bless


Sterling's Eugene Delgaudio will be at Space # 24 at SterlingFest for Saturday, October 9th.

Sterlingfest is preceded by the Knights of Columbus Parade down Sterling Boulevard.

I hope to work the parade line from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. when the parade kicks off and then go over to spend two hours at Sterlingfest.

This is a great opportunity for us to show our Republican spirit and help our Bush/Cheney and Wolf Reelection Campaigns.

There is always a demand for posters, stickers and answers to questions, so please consider helping out for an hour. Let me know by saying "Yes I will assist you at Sterlingfest in the Morning, or Afternoon" at [email protected]. Thanks.

Usually my children, and I, work hard, but the crowds get bigger all the time. We usually meet hundreds, (people like my kids of course) but to get everyone to wear a sticker, we need help.

Space #24 is on Enterprise Street, across from the Sterling Community Center Playground. Help me set up as early as 8:30 am on the morning of the event. The event will go from -10:00 am to 4:00 p.m.

The Republican tent is never lonely but don't assume I can do this with just one or two volunteers. The same ten Democrats form a mob at their table.

So please consider helping me hand out some posters and sign up supporters and affix lapel labels to promote the Republican cause from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Thank you. If you wish to volunteer from 12 to 4 p.m. please do that also, Michael Meader, Suzanne Volpe, Sheriff Simpson, Congressman Frank Wolf, Attorney General Jerry Kilgore, Delegate Tom Rust, Senator William Mims and Supervisor Mick Staton will be there in the afternoon. But they can't do this alone, so help me or them. LET ME KNOW EITHER WAY.


I am actively promoting the immediate consideration of the proposed litter control ordinance. At present NOTHING can be done if a citizen complains about litter because there is no county ordinance defining "litter". (I am not kidding).

If this ordinance is passed and a citizen complains about litter then action can take place. This ordinance would give staff the authority to request the removal of litter and trash that is uncontainerized on the exterior of a house.

If the ordinance is passed, complaints received by the Office of Solid Waste Management are logged in a database, and a site visit is conducted by a staff person (OSWM or a deputy). If a violation is observed, enforcement action is taken. The most common enforcement action is a Notice of Violation sent by certified mail requesting that the property owner correct the violation within a specified period of time.

So what do you say, should Loudoun county pass an ordinance defining "litter" and allowing for tickets to be written for leaving it scattered around for months at a time?

>>>> Privatization Report Shows Government Waste

The privately built SpaceShipOne soared into suborbital space - more than 62 miles above the earth's surface this week. And Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Atlantic Airways, announced plans to develop a commercial rocket service that would take passengers for a two-hour ride into space, including four minutes of weightlessness. The private sector's rapidly growing involvement in space tourism is just part of Reason's 17th Annual Privatization Report, which also examines trends in state and federal government privatization efforts, airport security, air traffic control, electricity, emergency medical services, and several other areas. Reason Magazine's Annual Privatization Report is available online at:

>>>>>Campaign Updates Online at

* Honorary Sterling American and NOVAGOP CHAIRMAN JAMES PARMELEE'S REPORT -posts NEW EVENTS EVERY DAY - HOW TO STAY INFORMED? - With one month left in the campaign, dozens of local campaign committees will be scheduling so many last minute GOTV events that plans to update their calendar of events DAILY if necessary to get the word out for our candidates. Tell your friends is THE SITE for up to the minute info on ALL GOP events in Northern Virginia and the DC area.

>>>>>So, Who Won the Presidential Debate?

A lot of you will be asked the big question of the day: "Who won the debate last night?" I have received a couple of media calls also on this point. Here's a good source:


Homeschool dad Park Gillespie has made it to the finals of Showtime's Reality TV Show American Candidate.

This Sunday night (Oct 3rd) is the final vote. If Park wins, he'll be able to speak on TV for 20 minutes on any subject he chooses. (He's Christian and Conservative, so expect good material)

At 9:45pm ET this Sunday the toll-free number to vote for Park will be posted at

Voting is between 9:45pm and 11:45pm ET and again from 9:45pm to 11:45pm PT.

>>>>>Republican Chairman Orders Sign Posting

"Thanks for spreading the word on this GOP Countywide Sign Posting Blitz next weekend. Bring your hammers, work gloves, and staple guns along with any stakes you may have.

With the volume of yard sign request signs we are getting, we will probably have to do this again. So, .......plan on joining us next weekend (Oct. 9-10). Spread the word; the more the merrier. Thanks for your hard work and devotion. See you.... Let's roll. ----J. Randall Minchew, Chairman

REPEAT OF PREVIOUS ITEM >>>>>Confessions of a Western Loudoun Liberal

For years, Eugene Delgaudio has exposed Western Loudoun Liberals who hate Sterling. Here is the Loudoun Extra front page interview that has shaken the Sterling Community. The published interview proves there are people in Loudoun that dislike how we live and how most of Loudoun lives. And they openly say this, quite enthusiastically.

>>>>"Keeping Her Eye on the Green" Article Exposes "Conflict"

Excerpts from Article By Bill Brubaker Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, August 29, 2004; Page LZ01

(Quote) Millicent West, 83, is a self-described preservationist, like many of her neighbors in Upperville in Virginia's fabled and moneyed hunt country......

West cringes as she ponders the look-alike townhouse developments.......

"They are awfully ugly," she said in the back yard of her 170-year-old stone house, overlooking green pastureland and the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.....

As a major shareholder and longtime director of Middleburg Bank, she has encouraged the financial institution to take full advantage of the population surge.....

"I'm very pleased and proud," said West, who owns about 450,000 shares, the most, by far, of any board member (of Middleburg Bank), according to a regulatory filing by the bank......

For many years, the bank's core customer base was the fox-hunting crowd.....

"If you've been to Purcellville lately, it's an absolute. . . . " She doesn't finish the sentence. But she tries again. "Oh, it's an absolute -- you just can't believe it! They have a Giant there now that's a block long. And then they have developed lots of these great big houses that are two feet apart from each other. That's not good."......(unquote)

For full text of article: visit

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