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True Confessions of a Western Loudoun Liberal

September 6, 2004

For years, Eugene Delgaudio has exposed Rich Western Loudoun Liberals who hate Sterling. Here is an excerpt from the Loudoun Extra front page interview that has shaken the Sterling Community. The published interview proves there are people in Loudoun that dislike how we live and how most of Loudoun lives. And they openly say this, quite enthusiastically. What do Sterling residents think about this confession?

>>>>"Keeping Her Eye on the Green" Article Exposes "Conflict"

Excerpts from Article By Bill Brubaker Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, August 29, 2004; Page LZ01

(Quote) Millicent West, 83, is a self-described preservationist.....

West cringes as she ponders the look-alike townhouse developments that have taken over huge tracts of farmland in Loudoun County.

"They are awfully ugly," she (West) said.....

As a major shareholder (editors note: 450,000 shares of Middleburg Bank) and longtime director of Middleburg Bank, she has encouraged the financial institution to take full advantage of the population surge.....

(West says)"If you've been to Purcellville lately, it's an absolute. ." .... "Oh, it's an absolute -- you just can't believe it! They have a Giant there now that's a block long. And then they have developed lots of these great big houses......... That's not good."...... ......(unquote)

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