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Heroine Saves Life

August 21, 2004

Veteran WTOP News Radio Reporter Hank Silverberg did the interview of overcrowding and interviewed Sterling's Eugene Delgaudio this week. I do not know when it was aired. It was not on Monday. Sorry to all who listened on Monday.

>>>Young Heroine Saves A Life At Pool


Thanks goes to Beth Dapper, an eleven (11) year old YMCA member, who performed a dramatic underwater swimming life saving action on Wednesday, August 18th 2004. Beth Dapper saved the life of a small child who had drowned and was lying on the bottom of the large swimming pool at ALGONKIAN Park, run by Northern Virginia Regional Parks Authority, in Loudoun County, Virginia. Elizabeth Dapper's skilled underwater swimming and underwater visual perception was used to save the life of a young male drowning victim.

In a short letter sent to the family, Eugene Delgaudio of Sterling District said

"I am sure that others who hear of this brave action are as thankful and appreciative as I am. It takes a special person to act in the manner your daughter has acted.

I will not be the last person who will thank her for her actions but I am sure the first of many who will express thanks.

A lifesaver is like an angel from God to the person that he or she saves. God has blessed you and may He continue to bless you." END QUOTE

>>>Loudoun Team Could Be World Champs Saturday at 1 p.m.

I attended the Babe Ruth Baseball games in Purcelleville at Fireman's Field tonight and the Loudoun team (16 year old boys) won tonight. This means they will play for the "WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP" tomorrow. The game starts at 1 p.m. at Fireman's Field. Parking is at Loudoun Valley High School with shuttles every ten minutes to the field. Tickets are $7.

>>> Earn $100 AS Election Official

The Electoral Board is charged with conducting the elections in Loudoun County. As such, they need 600 Officers of Election for each election in this county, 20 in Sterling alone. The Presidential General and Special election is scheduled for November 2, 2004.

The pay for Election day is $100.00 for the entire day, $50 for a half day (see online for details on that) plus $15.00 for the training session. The training session deals with both general knowledge and setting up and using the machines in an election. All officers are expected to attend a training session prior to the November election.

To obtain information and to download the forms on this part-time job, go online at

>>>>>Become a Crossing Guard

Over 11,000 children walk to school in the county and the Sheriff's Office is looking for responsible and energetic people to become crossing guards to help them cross busy streets safely.

The Sheriff's Office currently has a number of openings countywide and is looking for people who are available between 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. and again at 2:15 p.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays during the school year.

For more information contact Willy Stevenson at 703-771-5735 or obtain an application online at and click on jobs.

>>>>>>Website homepage has Zoning LAWS and forms

Help Eugene stop residential overcrowding. Respond to the direct mail letter in your mailbox today. Visit online on the joineugene homepage and read research prepared by county staff to help understand the issues involved in overcrowding.

Read the * Loudoun County staff memo, June 1, 2004

* Loudoun County staff memo, July 27, 2004 * Language of the amendment restricting flophouses

>>>Zoning Complaints?

Go to the line entitled " * Delgaudio prepared a guide to zoning enforcement to let you know how to use the following form:"

Or use the link entitled "* Alleged Zoning Violation Form for reporting residential overcrowding or zoning violations" at

>>>>Board to consider building code update Sept. 7

The parking, sanitation and overcrowding problems caused by single-family homes being turned into multiple-occupant "flophouses" will be addressed on September 7th when the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors considers a proposal to bring Loudoun's building code into compliance with Virginia safety standards.

"Sterling residents of all ages, races, colors and political beliefs have been asking for this change for years," said Sterling District Supervisor Delgaudio, who initiated the proposal. "I grew up in New York City, where entire neighborhoods of all colors came together to tackle problems like these. New York is now a much better place to live for people of all races. Now Loudouners finally have a Board who will listen to reason and pass this badly needed update to our building code."

>>>"703" Mob" Gang Exposed in Sterling

Witnesses working with the Loudoun county Sheriff's Office have helped to expose the existence of a new "Sterling Park street gang."

Full Article on Leesburg Today website at:


Some Loudoun County citizens have been receiving phishing attacks in their e-mail. Do not respond to e-mails asking for personal or financial information.

>>>Phishing Is Forbidden In Sterling And Loudoun

If you are a victim of a phishing attack it can be very financially devastating.

Below is a link to what the phishing attack e-mails look like.

Please take a look at the AOL, PayPal and ebay phishing attacks. They look legitimate but are not.

>From the web site.

>>>>What is Phishing?

Phishing attacks use 'spoofed' e-mails and fraudulent websites designed to fool recipients into divulging personal financial data such as credit card numbers, account usernames and passwords, social security numbers, etc. By hijacking the trusted brands of well-known banks, online retailers and credit card companies, phishers are able to convince up to 5% of recipients to respond to them.

>>>Good Shepard Alliance Picked as Point of Life


The National Eagle Council is to be held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA on Friday, September l7th through Sunday, September l9th. This annual gathering of Eagle Forum has leaders from all over the country. Among many inspiring workshops and speakers, we will have the chance to hear D. James Kennedy, renowned Presbyterian minister and founder of The Center for Reclaiming America, and to help celebrate EF founder Phyllis Schlafley's 80th birthday! WRITE Helen if you want "in" at [email protected]

>>>>Leukemia-Lymphoma Society Benefit

LEAH AND FRIENDS invites you to attend Monday, August 30th Time: 4 p.m. ­ 10 p.m. Where: Baja Fresh Cascades 20968 Southbank Street (571) 434-7230 Write to [email protected] or visit

>>>>>Cable Viewer Identifies Gas Station Robber

Robbers On TV. A Loudoun resident was able to identify a man wanted in connection with the robbery of a South Riding gas station after seeing the suspect's picture on a local cable channel.

>>>>>Three Public School Districts 'Reach Out' to Homeschoolers

The school boards of three heavily populated Northern Virginia Counties--Loudoun, Prince William, and Fairfax--have recently adopted policies allowing homeschool students to take a limited number of classes at the local public school.

Read more about it at:


The Sunday concert to benefit Good Shepard Alliance starts with an opening act at 6:15 p.m. and the headliner band performing at 7:15 p.m., and will be held rain or shine at Belmont Country Club in Ashburn, VA. Usually 1,000 close personal friends attend. August 22nd - The Original Drifters & Coasters. Sincerely,

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