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August 13, 2004


I promote the Good Shepherd Alliance all the time. There are many good charities in Sterling that I am promoting (Sterling Foundation, Sterling Fire and Rescue, The Community Police Station, the honor students at Park View High School and Sterling Middle School, Briar Patch Park and Claude Moore Park improvements and renovations at Rolling Ridge Elementary School to name a few)

But Good Shepherd Alliance feeds, clothes and houses people in need. All year round and through the night. So here's a chance to help them and have fun too.

Some big companies have come together at my request and in answer to filling a need.

If you are so inclined, please go. If you planned on going out on Sunday night, August 15th, please consider it. I think we all get a break sometime.

This Summer Music Fest at Belmont Country Club in Ashburn is designed to benefit Loudoun's homeless population and two other charities.

Please note that anyone can purchase tickets for only \$10.00 per adult and for children under twelve admission is absolutely free.

Want more info? Go to


Loudoun Foundation, the benefit concert organizer, has worked hard to bring Northern Virginia big name bands and the kind of event that has been missing for far too long.

The Venue: This Sunday, the Loudoun Summer Music Fest will be held on the lawn at beautiful Belmont Country Club in Ashburn, VA at 19661 Belmont Manor Lane.


All concerts start with an opening act at 6:15 p.m. and the headliner band performing at 7:15 p.m., and will be held rain or shine at Belmont Country Club in Ashburn, VA (weather updates will be posted on the site as they occur).

These are remaining dates for concerts

August 15th - Marshall Tucker Band August 22nd - The Original Drifters & Coasters August 29th - The Little River Band September 5th- The Wailers September 12th - Steve Bassett September 19th - Eddie Money

>>>>>>New Anti-Crowding Codes >>>>>>Do Not Take This For Granted

The Board of Supervisors, joint finance and public works committees, voted to send new building code regulations to the September 7 BOS meeting in Leesburg at 9:30 A.M. There will be spirited debate over whether or not the county should allow citizens and the county to have this new tool.

But some people claim that I am leading a racist crowd in Sterling to root out the non-white newcomers.

Funny about this disgusting lie and falsehood.

These liberals are calling non-white Sterling citizens "racists".

This lie and falsehood is coming from people who hate Sterling.

Now, the truth is that most people in Sterling support this new building code and Sterling today is clearly a mixed population with as much as a third being NON-WHITE. Most Sterling homeowners, white and non-white, want to preserve their property values.

These anti-crowding regulations limit the number of people per square foot in residential structures. It is important to note, as published in several interviews that these new rules DO NOT DEFINE FAMILY and do not limit families in any way. A copy of the rules are available online at

These rules imply adopt existing state building codes limiting the number of people and use a square foot limit (one person per 150 square feet).

This new Building Code will attempt to address another component of the problems we are facing in Loudoun and I ask for your support in the form of letters, comment or feedback.

Contractors and businesses skirting laws against businesses in neighborhoods by housing large numbers of laborers in single family homes, disrupting the community.

These "Anti-Sterling Blockbusting Bums" (my words) will be stopped with your help.

An unreasonably large number of adult people in a small home is the target. The legislative item is written to allow for large families, and as a father of six I can assure you this isn't directed at large families who can only afford a small home. The problem is with small single-family homes being opened to so many people, many unrelated, that cars block the streets and trash piles outside.

Send letters to me for testimony at [email protected] or write all nine of the supervisors at [email protected] (note: new address: [email protected] reaches all supervisors)

>>>>HOUSING clash: Home or hovel? The Burke Times (NEWS ARTICLE) - Reston,VA,USA ... Supporters, urged on by Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), say they see a threat to their homes and property values....



It is part of VDOT's normal repair schedule. Here is what VDOT told me today:

"We (VDOT) are currently performing repairs to sidewalks and curb & gutter on Lincoln Avenue. We do not have any other streets scheduled for large scale repairs in the Sterling area.

We do have repairs scheduled for the Sugarland Run and Countryside areas after repairs are complete on Lincoln Avenue." (Unquote from VDOT)


A 30 year resident of Sterling Park at 600 S. Concord Court (at the intersection of S. Concord and East Maple) and is requesting several improvements to his intersection, some of which the HOA will pay for or reimburse the county or VDOT for. This will help dramatically improve that streets traffic flow.

>>>Supervisor Delgaudio, Why is Potomac View CLOSED??????

Potomac View Road was closed to through traffic to allow for construction of north and southbound turnlanes in the vicinity of the First Baptist Church. The construction is underway. Given that there were several alternatives to get from Route 7 to Cascades Parkway and given that the time to complete the project and the cost to complete the project was signficantly reduced by closing the road, the decision was made to do so. The fixed date for the project to be complete is September 30, 2004.

>>>>One Man, Two jobs, Liberals Lose!

Since the day I met with several U.S. Senators, things have moved in another direction in this country. The U.S. Congress voted to restrict federal courts from ruling on traditional marriage. The California Court voided thousands of same sex marriages, Missouri voted 70 per cent in favor of banning same sex marriages and a New Jersey Governor has resigned in scandal after announcing he used his office for his now openly homosexual life style.

This is all good news to a Sterling Supervisor who also has a day job fighting for the traditional family.

Photos of Senators meeting Eugene Delgaudio

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