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April 1, 2004

I want to invite you to my Spring Celebration on April 17, but first I want
to tell you what has been happening.

I have been very busy defending your pocketbook. I have been in meetings
most nights and in all kinds of conversations through the weekends for
months now. I have been in meetings until one a.m. sometimes.

Now that there is a slight break in the action, I want to update you, and I
promise to give you more information in the future.

The local newspapers have given a good report on some of the work going on
and I appreciate especially the Loudoun Easterner, Leesburg Today, Northern
Virginia Journal, and the Connection newspapers for their serious efforts.

I am told we need a balance and we all need to work to achieve that balance.

For some, balance means "tax and spend" government. Certain special
interests are demanding higher expenditures and higher taxes, even in this
belt-tightening time (for example, 18 percent increase in school spending
with only 7 percent increase in the number of students).

On the other hand, I am told daily of the need to LOWER the tax rate to 99
cents due to 40 percent increases in spending, and routine 20 percent
assessment increases over the previous four years.

I have been fighting for you. Supporters of my campaign committee have
placed signs that state "99 cents, a fair tax rate" all over the
county. This would lower the tax rate to adjust for increased assessments
which you see in the increased amount of taxes you pay.

(Let me share with you something that apparently many people in Loudoun
County don't know. If you send an e-mail to [email protected], your message
will be distributed to all the elected Supervisors in Loudoun County. I
don't know if all Supervisors read these messages, but I know that I do.)

To replace the money spent on those signs, and the two newsletters that
have been sent to 12,000 voters (95 percent of my expenditures are in the
newsletter) , my re-election campaign committee is hosting a Spring
Celebration, Saturday, April 17 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Santini's
Restaurant (formerly Jimmy Gs) in the community plaza shopping center under
the Clock Tower. There is limited seating and it is a time to donate
anything from $1,000, to $15, depending on your resources, and the
intensity of your feelings that we need to preserve the interests of the
residents of Loudoun County.

Of course, it is a good time to get together since the last event in
December was a lot of fun.

P.S. NEW COMMITTEE FORMED. One more thing, I have closed the 2003
committee and all donations under $100 for the April 17 event will NOT be
added to donations under $100 for the previous 2003 campaign. Therefore,
your donation will be considered a new donation for 2004, not just added to
any prior contributions.

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