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Burton Attacks Delgaudio over "Ethics"

February 16, 2004

>>>Burton on High Horse?

>>>Copy of Actual E mail Message Is Different From Jim Burton's Allegation

Dear Sterling American,

Jim Burton seems to be saying that ethics requires the Board of Supervisors
to make him Finance Chairman, instead of Eugene Delgaudio.

Supervisor Jim Burton is distributing the wrong email message from
Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio. Fifty Purcellville and other writers received
an email responding to their concerns on January 19. None of the 50
writers claimed their vote was taken away and that they did not have
representation. A lone writer wrote January 30 and claimed "the Board of
Supervisors have taken it upon themselves to keep Mr. Burton and Mr. York
from fulfilling the jobs we elected them to perform. "

And 4,000 subscribers, like you, already know what I have said about Jim
Burton, back on January 20, twenty six days ago.

At the time, Jan. 30 when the allegation that the board was "stopping" Jim
Burton, was made, it seemed to be a serious charge. I quickly responded
that Mr. Burton was not interested, as a political policy in representing
Purcellville in years past. This was a direct response to this one person
at that time who stated "the Board of Supervisors have taken it upon
themselves to keep Mr. Burton and Mr. York from fulfilling the jobs we
elected them to perform. "

Since this one person, there are others who have come forward to claim this
radical belief and they have been answered by other Supervisors.

Lots of people are exaggerating the Board's January actions. In fact, some
people have come forward, at the last board meeting, with all sorts of
exaggerated claims.

The charge that the Board of Supervisors is taking away Purcellville's
representation is old, and self-evidently false .

The original e mail message sent to 50 people (see below) reflects my
belief that the Fields Property was a wrongful act that demonstrates Mr.
Burton's lack of real commitment both to fiscal sanity and representing

A copy of this response to letter writers was sent out to all 4,000
subscribers on January 20. So at least 4,000 people know Jim Burton is
spreading falsehoods by implying that I am spreading falsehoods about him.

If Mr. Burton was truthful, he would have responded to the email that
Delgaudio sent to 50 of his constituents, or 4,000 subscribers instead of
saying one email to someone who claims "the Board of Supervisors have taken
it upon themselves to keep Mr. Burton and Mr. York from fulfilling the jobs
we elected them to perform. " This claim is a falsehood that has been

I again challenge Mr. Burton: Why did you vote for the Fields Property and
claim this was in the interest of Purcellville when the Town of Purcllville
was not involved in that action in any confidential or public manner?

More importantly, does ethics require that Burton be chairman of the
Finance Committee instead of Eugene Delgaudio?


Eugene Delgaudio
Sterling Supervisior



Dear Recent E-Mail Writer

Thanks for writing me recently on the topic of the Heritage Trail, or
Supervisor' Kurtz's nomination of Dr. Herbert to the Planning
Commission, or Funding levels for the School Budget, or Funding for the
Libraries, or Funding for Disabilities or the decision to put Land Use
Committee Chairman Steve Snow on the Purcellville Urban Growth Area Group

Yes, I read all my e-mails but clearly its impossible to respond to each
one personally unless it is in my district.

You have every right to express your opinions or express disappointment
or give recommendations about the Board majority's actions.

I have noted your opinion and respect your opinion.

Thank you again for taking the time to express your opinions regarding
these matters. As an elected official, I believe it is important to
consider all opinions, in my district and also in all of Loudoun County. I
will take your comments and suggestions under consideration, thank you
again for expressing your views to me in the first place.

As far as cordiality and decorum is concerned: During my first four years,
I expressed personal appreciation for the devotion of my former ( liberal )
Supervisors, admiration for their hard work on behalf of their cause and
routinely saluted Peggy and Joe Maio for their singular accomplishments and

This is how I responded concerning emails in the past (in part) "This board
of supervisors is comprised of hard working, dedicated and
devoted public servants. I state that frequently on the record. That I
disagree with many of their policies is no secret."

I know I won't read "Delgaudio respects and honors VSS, PEC and opposition
leaders" in the Washington Post or from Scott York.

Regarding Purcellville, I voted against the FIELDS PROPERTY purchase. I was
the one "no" vote. I also came out to look at placement of group homes in
Purcellville. I supported and promoted and lead in the building and funding
of the Virginia Regional Transportation regional bus depot in Purcellville.
This is just a short listing.

Regarding My Independence And Controlling Growth:

I voted against density packing and against 6,000 units at Moorefield
Station and against 1,500 units at Loudoun Station for a total of voting no
on 7500 units. This is more than seven other supervisors in the 2000-2004
board. (Only Supervisor Drew Hiatt has a better record then me!)

And can anyone name an elected official who ever (ever!) got a developer to
return $15,000 in tax dollars back to the taxpayers after it was handed to
him by a county board of supervisors as I did in the Lerner Company
incident involving taxpayer dollars for fireworks last year.

I will not hold my breath waiting for the truth being printed that the most
anti-density packing Supervisors in the last 4 years were
the two Republican Supervisors!

Again, I have noted your opinion and respect your opinion.

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