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Happy Birthday To?

January 29, 2004

Thank you to some of you who have written the BOS and have volunteered for
advisory boards. Keep up the letter writing and the volunteering. The
accident on Cascades was SUNDAY, not Monday. My report was directly from
the authorities, oh well. If you saw the accident, you know what to do.
(contact Deputy FC Garis at 703-771-5798) Thanks.

Congressman Wolf was first elected in 1980 after running 2 other times in
1976 and 1978. Some of you remember this and most of you know he's been in
office for 24 years. Many members of the community who report or live and
work here are younger than the years Wolf has been in Congress. I learned
as a younger person from Congressman Wolf and then Supervisor Tom Davis
(now the number 3 ranked Member of Congress due to his leadership status)
how to pay attention to district concerns and to keep a high standard of
public service.

Congressman Frank Wolf is having a Birthday Party on Friday night from 6:30
p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Dulles Hotel at 2300 Dulles Corner Blvd. in
"Herndon" (it is near the intersection of Route 28 and the Dulles Access
Road). Get to the Hotel by turning from Rt. 28 on Frying Pan Road and then
left on Rt. 608. Bring 25 dollars for his "birthday" gift. I will be there
because I know how it feels for somebody to say "happy birthday" on your
birthday. It sure beats being yelled at by a gang of pretend Republicans
demanding for spending and tax increases or being condemned by Jim Burton
for wanting more roads. You might even want to tell the Congressman to
keep spending down, but keep smiling.

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