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January 27, 2004

>>> Did You See Accident 4 P.M. Monday On Cascades Parkway?

>>> Sterling Woman in Critical Condition

Loudoun County, Virginia- A Loudoun woman is in critical condition this afternoon after a two-vehicle accident yesterday along Cascades Parkway in Sterling.

Mary Piper, 71, of Sterling was a front-seat passenger in a 1993 Buick that struck a 2002 Dodge Minivan that had pulled in front of the car. Piper's husband, 71-year-old Thomas Piper, was driving the car and was uninjured in the accident.

The driver of the minivan, 38-year-old Loren Gold of South Riding, was charged with Failure to Yield the Right of Way.

According to members of the Sheriff's Office Accident Reconstruction Unit the minivan was turning onto Oakbrook Court when it pulled in front of Piper's Buick. Mary Piper and her husband were traveling south on Cascades Parkway at the time of the accident.

Piper was originally taken to Loudoun Hospital but was later sent by ambulance to Inova Fairfax Hospital.

If you were in the area of Cascades Parkway and Oakbrook Court shortly before 4 PM, Monday, and witnessed this accident you are asked to contact Deputy FC Garis at 703-771-5798. Thank you for sending this on to friends and neighbors.

>>>Supervisor Delgaudio honors students >>>Chick-Fil-A Restaurant Donates Big Time

More than 350 Sterling Middle School honors students received special recognition last Wednesday, in the form of a personal letter of commendation from Sterling District Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio and a coupon for a free chicken sandwich from an area restaurant.

"As a father of six children here in Sterling, I know how important it is for our community to produce future achievers," said Delgaudio. "Hopefully some words of encouragement and support from the Sterling community will serve as an additional form of reward."

The letters, delivered to Sterling Middle School today, also include a special Honors Student coupon at an area restaurant. The free gift was made possible by the Chick-Fil-A at Sugarland Crossing, located in the Sugarland Crossing Shopping Center at 46920 Community Plaza in Sterling.

"I would like to thank Peter Kim, manager of our local Chick-Fil-A restaurant at Sugarland Crossing," said Delgaudio.


"I am inviting other Sterling and Loudoun County businesses to join us in recognizing and rewarding our honor students and this rewards program is growing," added Delgaudio.

Supervisor Delgaudio has made a practice of sending congratulatory letters to honors students as those lists are made available to his office and will continue to do so this year. "I encourage more area businesses to join me in preparing special recognition and rewarding Sterling's honor students," said Delgaudio.


Several of the Board's committees are meeting this week and my own Finance Committee has worksessions on the preliminary budget review Tuesday and Thursday nights (6:30 to 10 p.m.). The Board recessed its January 20 meeting to Jan. 22 and then recessed it (again) to Thursday, Jan. 29 (there will be one item on the agenda at 4 p.m. with a two hour executive session briefing on law suits)to 6 p.m.


The February 3rd meeting will begin at 8 a.m. with breakfast and then business leaders will address the board on priorities for business in Loudoun County. The regular Business meeting will begin at 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon with public comment to begin at 1:30 p.m. instead of 9:30 a.m. Since Jan. 20, regular meetings of the Board begin at 9:30 a.m. except this Feb. 3 when we hear from business leaders from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. (Lunch is 12 to 1:30 p.m.)

ADMISSION CHARGE: free. Limited Seating! Get there early.

>>>Sterling District advisory appointments announced

I am announcing these nominations at the 1:30 p.m. Feb. 3 BOS meeting. Thank you for submitting your names. These are the nominations.

Planning Commission: Helena Syska (confirmed Jan. 5) Youth Commission: Alexandra Syska

Women's Commission: Jenelle Offerman* (Immediate Past Sterling Planning Commissioner) Parks and Rec. Commission: Jim Kiser* (nominated Jan. 20) Open Space Advisory Board: Jonathon Moseley Cable TV Advisory Panel: Michael Meador (nominated Jan. 20) Animal Advisory Committee: Melinda Meador*

Art Advisory Committee: Emilie Mullard Pugh* Commission on Aging: still vacant Commuter Bus Advisory Board:vacant

Library Board of Trustees (only Sterling has a vacancy): Margi Wallo, a 27 Year resident of Sterling and a Sterling American Award Recipient, as well as Republican Party Secretary. Wallo will join Supervisor Staton as the Board's other appointee.

* indicates that these citizens served on boards previously.

Thank you to James Hogarty, Anthony Uretta, Tim Sparbanie, Larry Wilbur, Doug Schmude and Suzanne Volpe (Volpe is now a Planning Commissioner from Sugarland Run District) for representing the 22,000 people of Sterling district 2000-2004. Special Thanks to the late A. Tim Page as Planning Commissioner for setting a high standard for all of us. Please pray for all our past volunteers and our new volunteers for good health and accomplishment.

>>> Do You Want To Be On A Citizen's Committee?

These are some at-large positions that the entire 9 member board votes on and is NOT assigned by district. A nominee must win a majority vote of the 9 member Board of Supervisors.

Purchase of Development rights Board: I nominated Dr. Lawrence Phillips once before. Now the board has voted to accept ONLY private funds and NO goverment funds for PDRs.

Agricultural District Advisory Committee (8): traditional rural farm owners have been banned from this Committee under the old board, now its time for them to return?

Social Services Board (2); Citizens Technical Committee on Telecommunications (7); Community Criminal Justice Board (6); Equal Employment Opportunity Plan Committee (8); Industrial Development Authority (1); Road Viewers Board (5) Must be landowners, presently just one Eastern Loudouner on this committee; Loundoun County Transportation Safety Commission (9) and others. Are Any of these boards your speciality?


In a letter to the editor of the Washington Post, Senator George Allen, refering to the current debate on Virginia's tax reform urged "politicians resist the urge to use the idea of reform to mask an agenda to raise taxes." Please read his letter below and forward it to your like-minded friends. This "debate" about tax reform began in the summer of 2003, so his comments about Warner's proposals for "reform" are extremely relevant in today's debate. Let's Keep Virginia Job-Friendly Tuesday, August 19, 2003; Page A18

As Virginia's governor, one of my primary missions was to create the right conditions for business to invest and expand in the commonwealth.

Under my governorship, more than 312,000 private-sector jobs were created in Virginia and \$14 billion of new investment was secured. Factors contributing to this success included Virginia's bountiful assets: the skills and work ethic of its people; its prompt permitting process; its high academic standards; and the competitive, low cost of doing business in the state. Virginia's right-to-work laws, its low business taxes and reasonable regulatory policies mattered too.

The Post thinks Virginia needs a tax increase ["A Broken Tax Code," editorial, Aug. 4]. But for the commonwealth to retain and attract jobs and foster economic growth, it must compete with other states and countries. Its competition rarely is Maryland or the District; instead, Virginia often is up against North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas and foreign countries.

For anyone who thinks tax policy doesn't matter, look at MBNA, a company founded in Maryland that moved to Delaware, a state with a more favorable tax policy. And if sales taxes don't matter to consumers, why do people from Tennessee and Maryland travel to Virginia to purchase everything from appliances and electronics to cigarettes? And, for the one D.C. tax that is lower than Virginia's -- the tax on alcohol -- it is no secret that many Virginians travel to the city to save money.

During my administration, I worked on a bipartisan basis with the General Assembly to reform the antiquated Business and Professional Occupancy Licensing Tax that unfairly taxed the gross receipts of businesses instead of their profits. Businesses that barely were making a profit had been collapsing under the weight of that unfair tax code, and Virginians had lost jobs.

Reform of the gross receipts tax -- as well as new grants rewarding outstanding performance of semiconductor manufacturing facilities and rebates for insurance-premium taxes, which are higher than the national average -- is the sort of job-friendly change to Virginia's tax system that creates an environment in which businesses and entrepreneurs can prosper and create jobs.

A reform of the tax code can be positive, but only if politicians resist the urge to use the idea of reform to mask an agenda to raise taxes. Indeed, the most effective government revenue-raising program is -- and always has been -- economic prosperity in the private sector.

GEORGE ALLEN U.S. Senate (R-Va.) Washington (writer was governor of Va. from 1994 to 1998.)

>>>Congressman Meets With Lions Club

Wolf began the presentation with a noting his special relationship with Loudoun voters, who have supported him strongly since the 1988 elections, when he won first won his Congressional seat. "I would not be in office today if it wasn't for Loudoun County," Wolf said. "The difference of the votes had come out of this district."


Please write to encourage to bring the tax rate down. Write [email protected] Here is a direct quote from an interview given a newspaper by Supervisor Mick Staton:

"Supervisor Mick Staton (R-Sugarland Run) said the assessments underscore the need to control spending, a view shared by the board's new GOP majority. "I will not raise the tax rate. I will vote to bring it down," he said."

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