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January 19, 2004

I have gotten 300 emails in the last 30 days and have responded to most of them. I will get back to some who have been writing me about new and old matters. Some of you are writing me about issues that are being worked on regularly and will be reported on (again) as soon as I have progress to report on.

Leesburg Today Newspaper Editorial

"York will be the Eugene Delgaudio of the next 4 years" (very funny).

LINK to get award

I have requested that county staff prepare a Resolution of Commendation for LINK. LINK is an all-volunteer organization of 15 churches that has served northern Virginia for over 30 years, providing food, clothing and financial assistance to families in need. It will be voted on and presented January 20 at the board's next meeting at 9 a.m. in the morning.

>>>Christa Rogaliner Still Missing

The Rogaliner family, of Leesburg, issued a statement yesterday: "Thank you all for continuing to aid us in the search for Christa at this time."

A vigil was organized last month and several newspapers recently published requests to keep a watch for Christa Rogaliner. Please join us together with Christas family and friends, as we show our support. Please pass this email on to everyone you know.

Permission is granted in advance by Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio to forward this on to your distribution list.

Leesburg Police: 703.771.4500 (Officer Corey Smith and Detective T.F. Butler)



I encourage citizens to become actively involved in their county government. There are currently Sterling District vacancies on the following county advisory boards, commissions and committees. I salute the citizens who served the last four years. I will re-appoint some of the current office holders if they wish to continue to serve of course. If you can, consider serving for these once a month advisory meetings.

Advisory Commission on Youth Animal Advisory Committee Art Advisory Committee Cable TV Advisory Committee Commission on Aging Commission on Women Community Services Board Commuter Bus Advisory Board Industrial Development Authority Open Space Advisory Committee Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Road Viewers Board Social Services Board

>>>Dale Myers Says She Did Not Vote To Censure Whitener

Former Chairman Myers told me "I would like to correct your statement that I voted for Steve Whitener to be "censured" that statement is NOT true, I did NOT vote for Steve to be removed from the committees or censured, if you were to check the records the question was divided upon my request and Helen (Marcum) , Larry (Beerman) and I all voted AGAINST that motion."

>>>> is now live!

Conservative Senator Ken Cuccinelli wrote me and said "Please visit today and sign the petition against (Governor Mark Warner's) tax increase! Please forward this notice to your frugal friends and outraged, over-taxed fellow citizens! We would love to get your feedback to our webmaster." Senator Cuccinelli's website is our best bet to counter the tax hikers. The state Senate will pass tax-hike legislation. All Governor Warner has to do to raise taxes is to win over 14 Republicans in the House of Delegates.

>>>> Delegate Richard Black Reports From Richmond

Loudoun Delegate Richard Black says "Three major views are in contention: Governor Warner's tax plan; the Senate tax plan; and the "no new taxes" approach advocated by Virginia conservatives.

Governor Warner wants to raise $1 Billion in new taxes. Unfazed by the 2002 Sales Tax Referendum in which Northern Virginians overwhelmingly rejected a one-half cent sales tax increase, the Governor now seeks to double the tax hike voters have already rejected," says Black.

>>>>U.S. Senator Allen says "We did it -- thank you!"

Senator Allen told me "Last Saturday afternoon, we reached our goal of raising $40,000 in less than a week. In fact, we smashed through our goal and ended the day with $44,298. Thank you!" If you want to see the final tally click here:

>>>Minchew Gives Blood-- REAL BLOOD

Republican GOP Chairman Randy Minchew responded to Bob Baker's recent plea for blood donations with a personal testimonial and these words "I will go over to Woodburn Road today to give (blood) and will hold (Bob's wife) Barb (Baker)and the entire family in my prayers."

>>>1200 AM - WAGE Radio Tim Johns Reported This


"The Finance & Government Services Chairman- Eugene Delgaudio of Sterling- wants a list of questions answered by each Department in the County. He reported the list to include state & federal mandates, moneys received for the programs, revenues generated versus expenditures, staff costs- including number of employees & their salaries- plus the growth rate for the past 10 years, program costs- including contract services, leases, transportation, travel & training. The Supervisor included the requirements to cover services provided- broken down by category- & who else could offer the services- besides the government, " reported WAGE's Tim Johns.


>>Angus MacLean Thuermer writes in opposition

After reading descriptions of the Blitzkrieg conducted at the recent Loudoun County Board of Supervisors meeting, should we start learning the English language version of ``Sieg Heil!"? says Thuermer.

>>>Valerie Kelly writes in opposition

Are we still in America or were we transported to Myanmar, China, Cuba, or North Korea, or back in time to Nazi Germany during the first board meeting of the new term? .....totalitarian....... rogue Republicans.........The rogues...... The rogues..... only German or Burmese (will be) spoken at the next board meeting. Or (citizens will ) be asked to give a stiff-arm salute when (Vice-chairman) Mr. Tulloch enters the room, says Kelly.

>>>Steve Crawford curses in opposition (curses the Bos)

I am personally going to see that every one of you f*****g republican a******s serve only one term. It will be enjoyable watching all of you getting new a******s ripped, says Crawford.

>>>Barbara Munsey Writes in support

I see Angus MacLean Thuermer is yelling about Nazis again (Letters in the Post). the last time was when S. Riding received coverage for forming a Neighborhood Watch group, and a manufactured frenzy erupted, culiiminating in Thuermer's statement here (March 26, 2002) that the group should wear brown shirts because that's what he knew they were......In their bitter rage and denial following an unequivocal loss in six of eight districts to Republican candidates, two equally effective themes have developed. On is that the east is of such substandard intelligence that it couldn't vote properly and the other is that all Republicans are jackbooted Nazi thugs.

Being an easterner and a Republican....this confuses me. How can we have substandard brains and be the master race all at once? Has the goal moved beyond mere density packing and social engineering to an insane desire for us to simply exterminate ourselves? says Munsey.

>>>Joel Rariden writes in support

"I just wanted to commend you for the efforts made in the Board meeting on Monday to restore some sanity to our county government."

>>>Steve Watson writes in support

"Eugene.....(I am) very pleased that you now have allies in the battle to restore sensibilities to our local government process. Thanks so much for staying the course in spite of the impossible odds you faced during your last term,"says Watson.


Yes, you can get in on the action. Write all 9 Supervisors by addressing an email to [email protected]. You will be glad you did.

And write the easterner newspaper ([email protected] ) or the washington post ([email protected]).

>>> To The Many Who Wrote Supervisor Delgaudio

Thanks for writing me recently on the topic of Bruce Tulloch's election as vice-chairman, the board's announcements of work sessions or various policies just begun at our first meeting.

Regarding the Board's recent actions: you may vehemently disagree or agree (MOST ON MY SUBSCRIPTION LIST AGREE) about the Scott York Rules not being adopted and for the passing of Bruce Tulloch's rules, which gave the vice-chairman many of the powers of the chairman.

You have every right to express your support, or disappointment about the Board majority's actions.

I have noted your support or opposition and respect your opinion.

Thank you again for taking the time to express your opinions regarding this matter. As an elected official, I believe it is important to consider all opinions, in my district and also in all of Loudoun County. I will take your comments and suggestions under consideration, thank you again for expressing your views to me in the first place.

>>> Allow Me To Digress For A Minute Here

Frankly, the major news media can print anything they want and regularly practice the freedom of speech.

I do not fault them for getting it wrong because my job is to hear everybody including some liberal editors who use the news media to thwart conservatives legally. Editors and writers have a bigger printing budget than I do and when they are mad, I hear about it.

Such is the case with the election of this Republican Board. When Chairman Scott York is called "the Delgaudio of the next 4 years" (Leesburg Today newspaper editorial), I am sure they are referring to my singular quality of speaking up when wronged. At least I like to think that.

Combine a liberal slant by some in the media along with with Scott York's "surprise" at not staying in power and you have some negative news coverage that misses some key points.

Scott York as Chairman did a lot of damage to Loudoun County and continues to put out tons of mis-statements.

For example: I have made no secret of my alliance with Jack and Patricia Shockey. Plainly speaking, I have explained my support of them and their issues as the "loyal opposition" for the previous 4 years.

Yet when I say, plainly, to them and cite them by their names: "Jack and Patricia Shockey, you are my shadow board", both the Washington Post and Scott York claim I am referring to builders and developers.

And they mislead others.

I express personal appreciation for the devotion of my former liberal Supervisors, admiration for their hard work on behalf of their cause and routinely salute Peggy and Joe Maio for their singular accomplishments and principles, I know I won't read "Delgaudio respects and honors VSS, PEC and opposition leaders" in the Washington Post or from Scott York.

>>> Now Back To My Letter To Recent E-Mail Correspondents

Regarding My Independence And Controlling Growth:

I voted against density packing and against 6,000 units at Moorefield Station and against 1,500 units at Loudoun Station for a total of voting no on 7500 units. This is more than seven other supervisors in the 2000-2004 board. (Only Supervisor Drew Hiatt has a better record then me, as he practically never voted for any rezonings!)

On a side note, name one elected official who ever (ever!) got a developer to return $15,000 in tax dollars back to the taxpayers after it was handed to him by a county board of supervisors as I did in the Lerner Company incident involving taxpayer dollars for fireworks last year.

I will not hold my breath waiting for the truth being printed or for Mr. York to acknowledge that the most anti-density packing Supervisors in the last 4 years were the two Republican Supervisors!

Regarding the current board's actions at the January 5th meeting. All of the actions were just beginning announcements or to start the public process for your involvement.

In my own district, I had the highest turnout, 30 per cent in Eastern Loudoun and the budget was the number one problem followed by other issues that I have been working on or will be working on.

(Some people are complaining that I did not bring up THEIR top issue at my first meeting, so then there would have been 50 action items)

My own four resolutions simply started the ball rolling on budget meetings or policies that were announced on Jan. 5 and staff can publicly report at public meetings starting Jan. 20th.

All four of my resoulutions were on the budget and were simple directions for work to begin on what a majority campaigned on and eight supervisors voted yes on one of them: seven nights of pre-budget worksessions.

As far as the other resolutions, each of the other Supervisors had their own concerns which they introduced and wanted action to begin on at their first meeting.

Please read the text of the other resolutions before you support or condemn them. You may agree with one, some, or most of them.

Again, I have noted your support or opposition and respect your opinion.

Regarding the rules; the rules were widely distributed a week in advance and everyone knew it was on the agenda. They were voted down. Then Mr. Tulloch simply motioned to move many of the powers of chairman and put them under vice-chairman. To be extra careful, he read them out loud. It could have taken three minutes but he wanted to be cautious and respectful in what is considered a simple parlementary action.

Mr. York did not have the votes to pass his rules, Mr. Tulloch's "rules" did have 6 of 9 votes. Routine. And York did have the votes to pass his "rules" routinely during his 12 years of dominating the Planning Commission or the Board of Supervisors. Sympathy for the defeat of Boss-Chairman York's Rules which would have kept him in power is misplaced.

SO THERE YOU HAVE MY RESPONSE TO RECENT email writers and to the recent political goings on in Leesburg. We meet for a full day on Tuesday, January 20 from 9 a.m. to very late at night.

P.S. On Freedom of the Press: My Godfather, the late Vincent Polidoro, gave me my first mimeograph machine when I was fourteen years old and I used it for lots of printed flyers .

I got "serious" as a teenager: publishing The New Intransigent, Conservative Journal, Conservative Review, Pandora's Box, and Liberty Dispatch. These were just a few newspapers in my high school and college days. I started publishing Register of Opinion in 1981. And the internet, in 1997, was the new publishing vehicle for me as I worked on the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton.

Just four years ago, I started publishing emails as a Supervisor and was roundly saluted or condemned.

Then everybody on the 2000-2004 board started their own electronic newsletters. So, all my life, I am a big defender of free speech.

Even today, I continue printing newsletters for this Sterling Supervisor's office and on the internet(posted at

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