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Retraction and correction

January 8, 2004

Here are some more links of news and commentary on recent board of supervisor actions.

Loudoun Times Mirror reports "The new Board of Supervisors' Republican majority came out swinging Monday at its first business meeting, dramatically reversing county policy and wresting power from Chairman-at-large Scott K. York (I).

Look for the Loudoun Easterner Newspaper coverage in the mail, they are a week behind on their website postings.



Okay. I do apologise to you. And to Scot York and Lori Waters. I got it wrong. Scot did not say "I will kill you politically" or " I will kill you (politically)" or "I will kill you" and mean politically.

I have been corrected and I got it wrong. Strong words were used but not the words I quoted. I have been corrected today and I am sending out this correction.

Repeat: Scot York did not say "I will kill you" to Lori Waters.

The point is that Lori Waters was asked to be Vice-chairman by Scot York and that is in the public discussion. Working with York is difficult and every board member wants to be vice-chairman. Let's face it, Jim Burton nominated her.

The whole attack from the left and liberal element in Western Loudoun today revolves around the very issue of WHO the vice chairman is and HOW MUCH power the vice chairman now has.

Would the left and liberal element be in so much uproar if there was no change in power but had conservative Lori Waters as Vice-chairman?

No. The left would be completely content.

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