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Happy Halloween Eve!

October 30, 1999
  1. Thank you all for the encouragement when I talk to each of you. Your feedback is always good for me as your candidate and as your next Supervisor.

  2. If you have three hours Tuesday, Election Day, let me or Bobby Baker know. 437-5870. I will be at Rolling Ridge Elementary School from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. except for short breaks.

    If you want to , just come by and I will assign you a task for an hour that day. There is always work on Election Day.

  3. Whether or not, you can work E-Day, come to the party on E-night.

    I want you to be at the joint Delgaudio / Black Victory Party on Tuesday night starting at 7:30 p.m. at Glory Days Restaurant in the Town Center Shopping Center at Dranesville Road and Route 7. You have been a big part of this important victory.

  4. Happy Halloween.

    The children love Halloween and as you know my colors are orange--its all coordinated. When your friends and neighbors come to the door, and after you welcome their children, please remind the parents to vote for Eugene Delgaudio on Election Day.

    Every reminder is important. Tell them every vote counts, with the turnout expected to be a paltry 30%. Do it as a favor to me. Thank you. Then give them the candy. Just kidding about the candy. But when the neighbors you know come to your door, it is the easiest way to remind them about Election Day which is the next big "local civic day". In fact most of you will see as many people as I see on Halloween Evening! (THOUSANDS!)

  5. York and Zurn Support Delgaudio

    The Friends of Delgaudio for Supervisor of Sterling District announced today that Scott York and Roger Zurn have endorsed my candidacy. I appreciate their official endorsement. Over 100 local Republicans have announced their support of me.

  6. Channel 3 local cable aired a favorable segment Thursday night on my candidacy. The Loudoun Easterner published my advertisement which includes former Governor George Allen look for that. The Loudoun Times Mirron and the Connection and others published interviews on me in their "voter guides".

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