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Election Winds Blowing

October 21, 1999

Again, thank you for all the letters and offers to write letters.

We have enough being sent to Newspapers now.

Two letters were published this week in the Loudoun Easterner: Tim Page("Liberals and Yard Signs", page 19 )and Helena Syska (On Political Signs, Page 18) were published. I need to be defended when attacked as a matter of political survival.

There's nothing wrong with stirring up the pot and I don't mind being lambasted for standing up for what's right. When there is support, it makes it possible for me to push on and keep the focus on our anti-Tax program.

Loudoun Times Mirror endorsed me today in a backhanded manner because "there is no opponent." Well thanks. They endorsed mostly the Voters/Sprawl ticket for Supervisor which is mostly Democrats or Liberals.


I hope you all keep an eye on the yards with the Delgaudio and Black Signs. We have over 200 private yards now with these signs and we do need more. If you have a place for one, please let me know. It has a big impact in a close race and we are trying our best for Dick Black. Look for that letter in the mail, also. Yes, I need your $100, $50 or $25 or whatever you can afford.

Our Treasurer Margery Wallo has distinguished herself above and beyond the call of normal duty for her exemplary work in the depositing and reporting of all of the money coming in. Please thank her when you see her and pray for her, too.

Regarding signs, please consider "sign duty". You can patrol (just call in when you see that our signs are down) or do repair work (put our signs back up at certain locations). It takes ten people working an hour each day just to keep up all the signs. And there is a thieving liberal stealing our free speech rights by stealing some of these signs each day.

If you see a white car with alpha plate AUG-1977 taking down our signs let me know.

Write down the plates of anyone stealing signs. We will post it on the street and on the internet to alert our other "watchers".

Working Election Day:

Delegate Black is asking, and the other candidates running countywide, "who is working E-Day". Sterling District Chairman Bobby Baker is putting together the work sheets for Rolling Ridge Elementary, Parkview High School and Sully Elementary School. Before we start filling up the slots, please consider the three hour shift you can do before we ask you. This way you get your favorite slot and everybody's happy. I spoke to someone tonight who "always" works 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. in another district. Well, you have to make sure the Delgaudio campaign knows that! I can not call everyone. For example: Tell me the time slot you prefer, 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., 9 am. to 1 p.m. (4 hours, but slow) 1 to 4 and 4 to 7 p.m. (rush hour) and the place if you have one. Our 3 schools need 12 people working all day election day.

What do you Do on E-Day? We, volunteers, hand out the Republican sample ballot with all the names of the candidates on them. And provide some brochures for voters. Most of the voters accept any literature, some don't. Since this is a low turnout election, this "GOP Sample Ballot" will probably be of critical importance to some candidates.

Phoning of Election Day

...And the weekend before election day. I hope to have some firm plans for everybody who wants to phone the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday before Election Day (Tuesday, November 2nd, 1999). If you are interested in phoning, tell me what three hour shift you can do phoning. I hope to have a phonebank 12 noon to 6 p.m. each of these three days.

Long Term Project:

The Next Loudoun County Republican Committee Meeting is this Monday, October 25, at 7:30 p.m. in the Loudoun board of supervisors board room in the County Administration Building in Leesburg Pike.

George Offerman will be nominated on Monday night becoming the newest member of the County Committee from Sterling District. If you would like to get picked up in my staple and splinter strewn car (from all the wooden stakes and posters), please let me know. Both Bobby Baker, the district Chairman, would be pleased to host you over to the meeting.

The purpose of the Committee is to be in coalition with other like-minded conservatives to oppose tax and spend liberals who live and breath to rip off the taxpayer. These "people" have joined the committee to ensure that the Party never takes "positions" against a tax hike. Those days are over if we band together and attend meetings. That is why Bobby Baker and I get our Stop the Tax increase car convoy together each month for the trip to Leesburg.

Another Long-term Topic

Advisory Boards. Please consider serving in some capacity on any of dozens of advisory boards. I must make dozens of appointments to oversight panels that make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. I want stubborn anti-Tax increase appointees to question spending until the budget busters surrender. If you have an area of interest ( Water, Children, Social Welfare, Transportation) or just an interest , let me know. We don't need to make a final decision until January, 2000.


Eugene Delgaudio
Your Next Republican Supervisor

Here are some quotes from news coverage:

" the phony baloney Voters To Stop Sprawl is a…power-hungry front group for Liberals and their allies…mostly Democrats."
"Republican Delgaudio reveals VSS comments", Loudoun Easterner, Oct. 20th

"Voters To Stop Sprawl is a front for the Democratic National Committee"
Eugene Delgaudio
Washington Post, Thursday, Oct. 21, 1999

Permission granted in advance to foreward this letter on to some innocent victim to get him or her to subscribe as long as credit it given.

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