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Pro-Delgaudio Letters Flood Into Papers

October 19, 1999

Thank you. Thank you. We have enough letters to the editor being sent in for the time being and for the current controversy. I am humbled by the fast response from so many of you . Thank you. I know the rest of you would all be responding as you got to it. Repeat: We have enough Letters going to Editors to defend me on working to keep VDOT out of the front yards of Sterling residents.

These are great letters. I hope some of them get printed. Here is a sampling of some of the letters being sent. Again: thank you to the writers and to the many people who e-mailed and said they were ready to send in their own letters.


Eugene Delgaudio

Letter To the Editor Number 1:

Dear Editor,

I am a Republican volunteer who has spent many hours installing Eugene Delgaudio for Sterling Supervisor and Richard Black for Delegate signs on many private yards in Sterling. Eugene is using his unopposed status to help Black. This is called teamwork.

Eugene Delgaudio, is right that the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has no right to step on a private property in Sterling District or anywhere else, and censor the political views of the homeowner. We have the same rights here as anywhere else. Even if some liberals complain about signs to VDOT, VDOT can not legally take signs off the front yards of homes on Sterling Boulevard. The liberal complainers should find some support the grass roots way, like we are, rather than squash the voice of the majority of people who are clearly and openly behind Delgaudio.

Liberals should spent their time talking about substantive issues rather than concentrating their time on the politics of personal destruction.

Tim Page

Letter to the Editor Number 2:

Dear Editor:

I have been following Candidate Eugene Delgaudio's run for Supervisor for the past few months. He was granted my permission to place a sign with his name on it in my yard. When I read that county workers had been removing signs from some of the yards, I realized how angry I would have been had they done that from my own house. Yes, they have a right to their opinion, but I have a right to mine! Had I caught them, they would not have been pleased at what I would have said.

Mr. Delgaudio already has managed to quietly sew together the loose threads of our community in several ways, one of which was the 'meals tax issue'. He has a talent for boring straight to the soul of an issue and then sounding the alarm for all to hear. I heard. I had him put up his sign. I do NOT want the County or anybody else telling me what I can put up in my yard.


S. F. Shaffer

Letter To the Editor Number 3:

Most people don't know quite what to make of Eugene Delgaudio. He's a different sort of fellow. Eugene is always taking on some sort of crusade that most of us are too lazy to touch. His personality is over-the-top when most of us are subtle. He's campaigning harder than any candidate in the county even though he faces no formal opposition. Eugene is a full color contrast to the standard vanilla set of politicians we mindlessly elect and re-elect. Eugene's odd-ball character has scared some people who cling to the security blanket of "business as usual" politics. Some frightened detractors say that the Board of Supervisors will not be able to conduct its business in a usual manner with Eugene as a member.

That's why Eugene Delgaudio is the perfect man for the job.

Eugene has promised to kill any tax increases that come before the Board of Supervisors. Unlike the status quo politicians we have sent to Leesburg, Richmond, and Washington in the past, Eugene will actually hold himself and the rest of the Board to his promise. Eugene will outwork the tax increase proponents. He loves a good fight, and he fights until he wins. The Board of Supervisors will not raise taxes in Loudoun while Eugene serves. Eugene will remind the county government bureaucrats that they work for the Board and the taxpayers and that the Board does not work for the bureaucrats. He will be able to say "no" when the county bureaucrats ask for the spending increases that drive our tax rates skyward. Eugene is certainly a different sort of fellow and his Board will definitely not be business as usual. Eugene's detractors continue to reach into the dark for nasty things to say about him because they are afraid of his energy and dedication. Even some members of his own party dismiss Eugene as a sideshow to the stale Grand Old main event. Eugene's critics are scared because he is not a "go along - get along" politician. I'm tired of going along and getting along and I look forward to watching the Eugene Delgaudio Show in Leesburg.

Donnie Edgemon

Letter to the Editor Number 4:

Political signs have always been a statement of patriotism and America's great democracy. They shape the political landscape and remind us of our voting rights and freedom of speech. It would be a shame to see them disappear. I always delight in going through smaller towns and seeing flags and banners celebrating the election season. If anything, we need less sterility and more gaiety and expression of these rights which so many fought for us to have.

In calling VDOT to check on its policy regarding signs in their right of ways, I received three different versions of their regulations. Sterling District Supervisor Candidate Eugene Delgaudio may have erred in some of the permitting regs, however, VDOT has an obligation to make clear its regulations, to enforce them consistently (which they are not), and to stay off private property unless granted permission.

Unlike communities with homeowners associations where residents might be asked to sign away their rights to have such signs in their yards, Sterling Park residents still retain their rights of expression, and I am pleased that Mr. Delgaudio is a voice for the protection of those rights. There are many good people at VDOT, but no one can afford to look the other way when VDOT goes in the wrong direction for whatever reason.

Helena Syska

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