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Letters, we get letters

October 18, 1999

A man from Leesburg is attacking me for being concerned about political signs. A woman in Sterling Park wants people who post signs to be denied the right to vote. Another comment came in and was read to me by an editor: "Delgaudio should leave devoted government workers alone."

To recap: I need just a handful of people to agree to sign letters to the editor. If you can stand getting a short 25 word defense of my actions in local papers, simply hit reply and say "Yes, I will sign a letter ."

I will send you a sample letter for your "signature". Once you agree then I will get it to the papers --- with your name, e-mail and phone number attached. What exactly were my actions? I observed vdot crews invading local front yards on Sterling Boulevard in my district. I had placed these signs with the permission of the owners of private residential homes. I objected to them doing this. I filed a written report and complaint. And I contacted the media.

Liberals have responded in the following manner: signs should NOT be placed on private property, Delgaudio is a despot and dictator who is trying to beat up on government workers, people who have political signs should be banned from voting, Delgaudio is evil because he is concerned about this rather than other issues. (sic).

To help me get balance, I need some discourse in defense of me from anywhere in the Loudoun area, since I am now getting comments from all over.

This is not a commentary on posters in the right of ways or on the sides of roads. This is a defense of private citizens who wish to participate in the free election of Republican candidates. VDOT has never invaded any other private yards except here in Sterling, to my knowledge, so we can not let this go unprotested.

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