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October 18, 1999

I repeat what I have said all over this county in personal visits, at rallies, in interviews and in my direct mail letters to key Party leaders.

I am excited about this entire ticket and hope this Chairman candidate Scott York and the entire ticket is elected this November 2nd. I am on board with this team and with today's announced plans.

I am in agreement with attaining all of these goals as stated today in the ten point Plan of Action.

Having said that, I will fight to make sure the details suit my constituents and my principles. I will never compromise on that.

Let others play the blame game. The issue that I will always be bringing up is the stark fact that Loudoun County government spending is increasing at TWICE the rate of our population growth. We don't need more incantations that will "solve" our growth problem. We need public officials willing to say no the special interest groups for which every want of theirs in immediately converted into a government funded "need." Liberals are to blame. I say, stop the madness, get government spending under control.

I hope the rest of the county joins Sterling District in its decision to send both a Republican Supervisor and a Republican School board member to Leesburg, by electing this Chairman candidate from Sterling and the entire slate.

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