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Delgaudio Discloses Money Source

October 12, 1999

I am writing with all sorts of news and a plea not to let the liberals get their way and stop you from helping me and my anti-Tax increase team win.

This election in Loudoun decides the future of all of Virginia. This is exactly as I predicted to you earlier. In recent weeks, George Allen, Jim Gilmore, Tom Davis, Frank Wolf, Jay Katzen, John Hager and Mark Earley have stood with me. Sharp knives are out for all of us, as I warned earlier.

The published "news" stories about me are below the belt, unfair and twisted. The constant attacks on George Allen and Jim Gilmore disgust me.

I was blessed with George Allen singling me out for recognition and Jim Gilmore has endorsed my cause as his cause.

Rabid liberals still hate me and each day I am told about some new lie or slander. By phone or by letter, there is an active liberal cabal seeking to destroy me personally. This week, these liberals have enlisted government road crews to steal Republican Yard Signs on private lawns in broad day light. One newspaper twisted their story, most got it right.

I am a target because you and I are working together. The liberals know they must tear me down to prevent the spread of our unity.

Don't let the liberals succeed after you and I have won Round One. Stick with me for the Final Round. I know you will. Thank you.

For in unity there is strength and the stronger we get, the closer we get to finally strangling the wretched big government monster. You know I am committed to vote against any tax increase. I need your help to elect a team of public officials who will also vote against any tax increases.

The phoney baloney Voters to Stop Sprawl, a power-hungry front group for Liberals and their allies, just released their "endorsements" and they are mostly Democrats or races where there are no Democrats running. They attack me in big paid ads, too. Big Surprise there.

Rather than fill out a survey confessing a love of liberal propaganda, I wrote them asking to be invited to observe any forums or meetings.

They wrote me back saying there are no meetings or forums of their group. This proves they are a small group of partisan ideologues representing no one and foisting a bizarre philosophy of increased taxes.

Some newspapers trumpet and repeat with each edition the lies and slander put out by this liberal "Voter's to Stop Sprawl" group and others. Some in the media assist this attack of me with no basis for their attacks.

The Democratic National Committee and a dozen other national liberal groups are spending millions of dollars in the next few weeks in Virginia races.

They, and other liberals, attack so that I fail to raise the $25, 305 by discouraging public support. Please don't let them succeed. I know you don't want to make the liberals happy.

The liberals will only hurt you more with high taxes and spending.

These liberals are like harassing phone callers that call in the middle of the night to annoy and disturb your peaceful family over and over. Caller i.d. put an end to that forever.

I will not bend to the liberal's will.. They speak for no one. A conservative victory will put an end to liberal pests.

The "business as usual" crowd have unlimited funds to attack me and all of the Republican conservatives I am trying to help get elected as part of my Stop The Tax Increase Team. I have you. And we have come far already.

These few powerful liberal hate-mongers stand in sharp contrast to the Sterling crowd of over 100 people who cheered lustily and heartily at the top of their lungs "YES" when I asked "are you opposed to any tax increase?"

My last event, the "Republican Love Fest" at That's Amore Restaurant was a success with great turnout. Total monies raised was $9,500.

This past week, I collected another $3,500 in small donations to bring the total raised to $13,000, which is more than half way there to the $25,305 that I set as a goal. I know we can meet this goal.

This is a great start. If everyone who has given to me before responds again, we can make the goal. And now you are critical to this whole thing.

Candidates are getting checks, thanks to the turnout and the support.

I have written several checks to Delegate Richard Black, Supervisor candidates like Bernie Way, Bruce Tulloch and others. I have written checks to School Board candidates too . Our in-kind services have set a record.

All of these candidates and others need more money. They need voter lists, polling, newspaper advertisements, wooden stakes for signs, printed flyers, and postage for large mailings. I am putting up my own signs, too.

And I need to get my anti-tax message out, too. There has been some fair news coverage. We need to get more of that.

Local Cable TV News Channel 3 videotaped and aired a generous segment of a large crowd cheering my promise to vote against any tax increase while in office and they aired another interview this week.

The Loudoun Easterner published a lengthy editorial endorsement which is posted on my website.

The Sterling Stop The Tax increase crowd is a strong army that will beat the liberal tax and spend group. I am proud to be a part of it.

We will not let those who oppose our anti-Tax increase movement succeed in confusing us. We know that each and every day there is new income for the county due to economic growth and new taxpayers.

We will never hear from liberal bureaucrats "We have enough money".

Only with our continued vigilance will the tax-hungry monster be slayed.

If you have come to one of my events, thank you for making it a great event. For those of you who did not come but sent money, thank you for helping to reach our goal which is closer now. And for those who simply prayed for the success and could not come, thank you for helping that way.

Now, please help me raise my budget of $25, 345 is a decent goal.

Some of you think you should sit out this campaign. Don't do that.

Please make your check payable to "Friends of Delgaudio". If you can please write a check for $5,000, $1,000, $500, or $250.

I will appreciate your gift and recognize you, if you wish, at the very next Delgaudio For Supervisor Republican Unity event.

And if you can, write a check for $150, $100 or $50 and send that in. You will make a big difference in this election. Do what you can. Thanks again.

Let me hear from you as soon as possible. I believe Republican fortunes in Loudoun and the entire state depend on your help.

I want to announce the total money raised as soon as I reach the $25,345 goal. You know the newspapers will publish bad news if we fail.

Thank you very much for your help. I can not do this without you.

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