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More On VDOT Yard Invasion

October 6, 1999

Before I update you fully on the Yard Invasion by VDOT, let me invite you to a special meeting with Republican leaders and candidates at the Piano Bar in the Countryside Shopping Center from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Anyone coming will be my guest at a Bruce Tulloch for Supervisor Reception. Eat some food and hear some candidates.

During tonight's reception I will be updating Republican, Civic and Elected Leaders and asking them to take action.

Thank you for the many calls of support and expressions of sympathy.

To recap: a rogue state government truck and crew collected Republican signs from private yards along Sterling Boulevard, the most traveled road with the largest number of GOP signs in Northern Virginia.

I confronted them and collected a few signs. I discovered that private lawns had been invaded and notified the governor, other authorities and the press.

Most of the reaction has been favorable and supportive of the homeowners, except for the VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation).

It may take them a while to investigate this whole massacre of our private property rights. They may never admit wrongdoing.

In the meantime, we must resolve to work harder for our candidates (see below for events coming up) and to take positive action.

This is the action that I would like you to take for the time being, until further notice. Call these people, fax these people and write these people. And when I send you the news articles (there will be several), please write favorable letters to the editor. Look for them in several area newspapers. Or get them from me bye-mail. Favorable reaction from you to the newspapers will be read as support for our homeowners on Sterling Boulevard.

Send me a copy or report of your action. Thanks.

In all of our communication, we must be direct and concise and polite. "I support Supervisor candidate Eugene Delgaudio's call for stopping the Virginia Department of Transporation trucks from invading the private yards of homes along Sterling Boulevard in Sterling District, Loudoun County. This is an outrage and a violation of the property and civil rights of these citizens. Leave Republican signs alone on Sterling Blvd. I request a copy of any letters or statements on this matter, and demand a written apology to the people of Sterling District. Sincerely, XXX"

The people to contact:

FAX: 804-371-6351
write: Hon. Jim Gilmore/Governor of Virginia/ State Capitol/Richmond, Va. 23219

Superintendent Charlie Timbers
VDOT Regional Office
Arcola, Virginia
Phone: 703-327-6925
Fax: 703-327-4677

Thank you all again for the wonderful encouragement you have given me and the victims of this tragedy which can be prevented from happening again through your action now.

Support The Candidates:

As you all know these yard signs are being posted in record numbers for Richard Black and for me, Eugene Delgaudio, as your Republican candidate for supervisor. Over 200 locations have these signs. Sterling Republican chairman Bobby Baker and GOP committee member Tim Page are installing signs and we are being outgunned by VDOT workers invading our private homes. Please lend us a hand in installing signs on streets they have not been hit. Let me know if you can install ten signs on private yards in Sterling. Call me at 421-4599 or e-mail me to let me know. Thank you. My goal is 100 more homes to be showing the Republican colors and I need ten workers to do this. You will need a hammer and a T-50 stapler. Hurry.

Please join me this Saturday at Sterlingfest in downtown Sterling. The event starts at 10 am and goes to 2 p.m. I will be at (booth space number one)table number one along with other Republican candidates. I will be blowing up thousands of balloons with my name on it and for Delegate Richard Black. I need your help with this. This is not heavy lifting so I don't want to hear any whining. Children get the balloons. So if you are fun loving, join me for two hours, or four hours on Saturday, October 9. I will get there 9 a.m.

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