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Yard Invasion Update

October 5, 1999


(Sterling, Va.) In local interviews this morning, Eugene Delgaudio, candidate for Supevisor in Sterling District, explained his committment to defend the First Amendment rights to free speech of property owners on Sterling Boulevard.

Delgaudio said he will post a network on any committments or progress made on behalf of the taxpayers and homeowners. "This is not a responsible action by responsible people and must stop immediately."

Channel 3 TV Reporter Michael Caldwell was the first news reporter on the scene this morning and walked the entire route of Sterling Boulevard where VDOT employees uprooted Republican signs.

All local officials have expressed support for Delgaudio and outrage that this wrongful action has taken place. E-mails and phone calls are coming in at record amounts.

Among actions to take will be calls to the newspapers in support of Delgaudio and to VDOT officials.

As more information becomes available, like contact numbers or action to take, there will be further updates.

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