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Public Statement on Invasion of Sterling Park

October 5, 1999


(Sterling, Virginia) At eleven a.m. Monday morning, VDOT employees canceled the First Amendment rights of homeowners as they invaded the private front yards of homes on Sterling Boulevard in Sterling Park. VDOT employees uprooted Republican yard signs at a dozen front yards of private homes bordering the service road, which is set back from the main road.

Republican candidate for Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio arrived on the scene, warned the VDOT crew against trespassing on private property, asked for, and received several missing Republican signs from the VDOT crew.

In a letter of complaint to Governor James Gilmore, and others, Delgaudio condemned the blatant violation of private property rights by VDOT employees, as they invaded the beautifully maintained front yards of homes bordering a service road. Delgaudio asked for an end to such invasions.

"VDOT employees today are claiming part of these carefully manicured front lawns as belonging to them. I say stay off private property and respect the First Amendment rights of Sterling citizens. This invasion is a surprise attack on the rights of citizens living along the service road some distance from the main road. Most of these yards are 20 to 30 feet back from the main road. I am asking for responsible officials to immediately reign in this out of control rogue crew who seem to think nothing of trampling the rights of free speech and civic involvement by homeowners, " said Delgaudio.

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